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Waivers are a rarity in the NBA. Generally, in order to claim player waivers, a team must be able to put the player’s entire salary into the cap room, a traded player exception, or a disabled player exception.

Given these restrictions, the players who are most likely to be eligible for waivers are those on minimum wage contracts, as each club is entitled to make a claim on those players using the minimum wage waiver.

Still, there are some caveats – the minimum wage waiver can only be used to sign players for up to two years, so the same rules apply to waiver claims. If a player has signed a three-year minimum wage contract, they cannot be claimed on the minimum wage waiver even if they are in their final year of contract.

Considering all the rules that reduce the likelihood of a waiver claim — not to mention the limited roster spots available to NBA teams — it makes sense that almost all players who are released end up making clear waivers. In the league year 2021/22 there were only six waivers.

Whilst they are rare we still want to track any waiver claims that take place during the 2022/23 league year as you never know which claims could end up being crucial such as: Pistons‘ Claim dated July 2019 Christian Holz. Last season, the lakers‘claim from Avery Bradley and the rockets‘claim from Garrison Mathews were the most notable.

We’ll be tracking this year’s waiver claims in the box below and will update the list throughout the season to include the latest moves. Here is the list:

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  • claim spurs Isaiah Roby from Thunder (July 5th) (story)
    • The victim of an Oklahoma City roster crisis, Roby was fired from The Thunder before his 2022-23 salary could be guaranteed. However, the under-the-cap Spurs didn’t mind securing Roby’s minimum salary and taking a flyer about the young forward making the team’s opening night roster.
  • claim missiles Darius days of Heat (October 11) (story)
    • Days was initially on a two-way deal with the Heat, who preferred that spot up for grabs Jamal Cain. But since the Heat still wanted Days to play for their G League affiliate, the Sioux Falls Skyforce, they converted the forward to an Exhibit 10 contract before waiving him. However, the Rockets did not let Days into Sioux Falls – instead they claimed and converted him the back to a two-way deal to open the season.
  • Heat Claim DJ Stewart Jr. of Mavericks (October 14) (Story)
    • The Mavericks signed a contract with Exhibit 10, but the Heat and its subsidiary, Skyforce, still retained its G-League rights. So when Dallas Stewart cut before the regular season, Miami laid claim to him to ensure he would receive his $50,000 bonus from Exhibit 10 if he reported back to Sioux Falls to start the season. The heat gave up on him shortly after.
  • hawks claim Jared Rhodes by Trail Blazers (October 14) (Story)
    • Like the Heat with Stewart, the Hawks claimed Rhoden for G-League purposes. He was signed to Exhibit 10 at Portland, but the Trail Blazers are one of two NBA teams without their own G-League club and had no plans to make him an affiliate player. By getting him out of waivers, the Hawks can secure his rights for the College Park Skyhawks provided he signs a G-League contract. Rhoden was waived by Atlanta shortly after his claim.
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