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2022 Thematic Research Report into Cybersecurity in Healthcare – Featuring Abbott, Andersen, Atos and Battelle Among Others – ResearchAndMarkets.com

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Weak cybersecurity measures put organizations at serious risk. Affected companies suffer operationally because systems become unusable; reputation as customers lose trust; and legal, as increasingly stringent regulators seek to punish.

The healthcare industry is particularly vulnerable as it uses extremely sensitive data. Pharmaceutical companies hold proprietary scientific data and intellectual property, medical device companies develop connected devices, and healthcare companies collect and use patient data.

Additionally, operational roles are often a matter of life and death, literally. Healthcare and pharmaceutical violations cost more than almost any other industry.

The rush from in-person care to virtual care and digital surveillance, and from office work to remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased cyber risk.

The increasing use of technology, especially the cloud, increased the potential attack surface, and the high transition speed required meant that many IT security teams did not have enough time to install adequate security measures. Healthcare companies, particularly hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, reported an increase in cyberattack attempts, and government agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued warnings about the heightened threat.

companies mentioned

  • dept

  • Andersen

  • atos

  • battle

  • BridgeHead solutions

  • delete data

  • Clearwater Compliance

  • CyberMaxx

  • CyberMDX

  • Cynergis Tek

  • DataMotion Health

  • Strengthened health

  • Fortinet

  • Hashed Health

  • imprivate

  • McKesson

  • MedCrypt

  • meditate

  • Meditological services

  • Novartis

  • Pfizer

  • security

  • Sensato

  • wave of trust

  • United Health Group

  • Watch after


  • Key players in healthcare cybersecurity: leading cybersecurity providers, specialized healthcare cybersecurity providers, leading adopters of healthcare cybersecurity.

  • Value chain including a definition of cybersecurity and the various relevant technologies and processes.

  • Key challenges facing the healthcare industry and explanations of how cybersecurity can help. Challenges include manufacturing, marketing and sales, R&D, improving surgical safety, medical education for students and physicians, and improving patient safety

  • Detailed analysis of healthcare cybersecurity activities using various datasets including deals, hires, company records and social media.

  • Profiles of private and public companies in space.

reasons to buy

  • See who the leading players in cybersecurity are

  • See how the competitive landscape is evolving with an overview of the company’s activities, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), strategic partnerships and financing deals, and a jobs analysis.

  • Understand what cybersecurity is and what it can do.

Main topics covered:

  • summary

  • Cybersecurity value chain

  • Key players in the cybersecurity value chain

  • Cyber ​​Security Hardware

  • Chip-based security

  • cybersecurity software

  • identity management

  • network security

  • endpoint security

  • Threat Detection and Response

  • Cloud security

  • data security

  • Email Security

  • application security

  • Uniform risk management

  • vulnerability management

  • Cyber ​​Security Services

  • Managed Security Services

  • Post Breach Response Services

  • Risk and Compliance Services

  • Healthcare Challenges

  • The Publisher’s Digital Transformation and Emerging Technology in the Healthcare Industry Survey, 2021

  • The Impact of Cybersecurity on Healthcare

  • How is COVID-19 impacting cybersecurity?

  • How does cyber hygiene affect cyber security?

  • How are connected devices impacting cybersecurity?

  • How does regulation affect cybersecurity?

  • How does AI affect cybersecurity?

  • case studies

  • Augmedix uses Trustwave MDR to protect health information

  • Big Tech and Privacy Concerns: Google Takes Control of DeepMind Health

  • Healthcare companies turn to TRIMEDX for cybersecurity solutions

  • Fresenius attack underscores the need for cyber security

  • Cyber ​​Security in Healthcare

  • The NotPetya attack on Merck & Co: The largest healthcare cyberattack and a precedent for insurance claims

  • WannaCry compromises NHS services

  • data analysis

  • Market size and growth forecasts

  • mergers and acquisitions

  • hiring trends

  • Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs)

  • Social Media Trends

  • Cyber ​​security timeline

  • companies

  • Leading adopters of healthcare cybersecurity

  • Leading Cybersecurity Providers

  • Specialist healthcare cybersecurity providers

  • Sector Scorecard

  • Scorecard for the Clinical Trials Sector

  • who is who

  • Thematic screen

  • rating screen

  • risk screen

  • glossary

  • Further reading

  • Publisher Reports

  • Thematic research methodology

  • About the publisher

  • Contact the publisher

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