3 Awards the NBA Needs to Add to Regular Season Awards

Now that the NBA has officially rebranded and rebranded all of the individual awards given for regular-season achievements, that could open the door for more awards to be added in the future.

Given that so many players have influenced the game in different ways, this could be an opportunity to award more trophies in the coming seasons. With so many players already honored with these awards, it would only be logical to continue the tradition by honoring even more greats. So without further ado, let’s take a look at three awards that the NBA needs to add to its regular-season awards in the future.

3. LeBron James Award (Most Versatile Player)

This award is given to the player who best embodies versatile and relentless skill on a nightly basis. Throughout his NBA career, LeBron James has demonstrated an innate ability to play and defend any position on the court. He’s made countless game-changing plays at both ends of the pitch.

Despite the fact that he’s still cementing his place among the all-time greatest players in the league, King James has never ceased to amaze us with his unique and unmatched style of play. With that, the LeBron James Award would be the perfect accolade for any player who consistently demonstrates their versatility throughout the season.

2. Tim Duncan Award (Most Valuable Leader)

During his time in the league, Tim Duncan was known for being a humble leader both on and off the pitch. His management style was perhaps a bit unorthodox as he wasn’t the loudest person around. But between his dedication to his team, the game, and honing his craft, and more importantly, winning titles, it’s what sets him apart from the competition.

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He was truly a one-of-a-kind player who always let his game speak for itself, which in turn won the respect of his teammates and coaches. Duncan was by no means a flashy player, but his voice was respected in the dressing room and in the scrum. Whether forming a deadly 2-1 with David Robinson or being part of a dominant Big 3 with Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, Duncan was always able to put his ego aside when the game was at stake.

The Big Fundamental figured out how to win by mastering the fundamentals, and he’s spent his entire career in one franchise, which seems like a rarity these days. Duncan’s commitment to winning and making everyone around him a better player is exactly why the Most Valuable Leader should be named after him.

1. Stephen Curry Award (Offensive Player of the Year)

As the man responsible for revolutionizing basketball with the 3-point craze, Stephen Curry took the league by storm and became the first unanimous MVP in NBA history. Aside from his smooth shot and ability to put down the 3-ball with ease, Curry has been able to score in a variety of ways and is an absolute force of nature on offense.

With his elite holds, Curry can finish on the edge or settle for a floater, teardrop, or mid-range jumper whenever he chooses. The way he can improvise and keep finding new ways to score isn’t something that can be taught to him and at times just makes him seem unstoppable.

Add to that his superhuman stamina, which allows him to open up and create scoring chances for his teammates. If there were an Offensive Player of the Year award to be included in the regular season awards, there is no denying that Chef Curry is the one who would have priority in naming this prestigious award in his honor.

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