3 Reasons NBA Ticket Investors Need to Buy Zion Williamson Rookie…

The New Orleans Pelicans are raging through the Western Conference and Zion Williamson is a key figure in making this impressive run possible. Just a few months ago, the All-Star was being attacked for his weight issues and the team itself for not being able to keep up for several seasons. But from the looks of it, Williamson and the Pels are surprising everyone as the race continues towards the postseason. Meanwhile, Zion Williamson’s rookie cards in the market are looking cuter than ever.

Even though the NBA card market is generally down these days, there are still plenty of good reasons to invest in Williamson stock. Here are some good ones for sports card enthusiasts to consider.

3 reasons why Zion Williamson rookie tickets are a buy right now

Zion Williamson, Pelicans

3. Zion Williamson plays like a real fundamental

NBA card collectors recall that even before Williamson played his first game in the league for the Pelicans, the hype surrounding his stock was constantly skyrocketing. Unfortunately, the first three seasons of his career were plagued by injuries, causing him to miss significant time on the pitch. But during the time he played for New Orleans, his performance showed great promise.

In all 85 games he’s played in the past three years, Williamson has scored 25.7 points on 60% shots from the field, 33% from beyond the arc, and a miserable 68% from the free throw line. The all-star forward also averaged 7 rebounds and 3.2 assists in 31.7 minutes per contest. But while those numbers look good, his availability caused fans and NBA card collectors alike to steer clear of the Pelicans’ young star.

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However, this season appears to be a very different campaign for Williamson. Not only is he healthy, but he dominates at both ends of the pitch. In his 21 games so far, Williamson has averaged 25 points, hitting 60% of his shots from the field and 35% from deep, improving his free-throw line success rate to 72%. He also makes 7.2 rebounds, 4.2 assists and 1.2 steals in 32.8 minutes per contest as a starter for New Orleans. Plus, his offensive and defensive boxing ratings of 5 and 1.3, respectively, prove he’s played well on both sides of the court. And the scary thing here is that Williamson is just starting out and isn’t even in his prime. Putting all of these numbers together, people will realize that Zion Williamson is indeed a game changer for the Pelicans.

2. The New Orleans Pelicans perform like competitors

It wasn’t that long ago that the Pelicans weren’t even considered for making the play-in tournament. In the mind of most NBA card collectors, this team doesn’t stand a chance against certain powerhouse teams in the west, like the Golden State Warriors, Phoenix Suns or Denver Nuggets, all of whom have full lineups that can help them compete for a ring. New Orleans, meanwhile, isn’t equipped or experienced enough to take on either of these teams a few seasons ago.

But the tide has turned now and things are looking up for the pelicans. The arrival of CJ McCollum helped accelerate the development of the team’s young stars, most notably Brandon Ingram last season. The addition of intriguing plays like Herb Jones and Trey Murphy III helped the Pels in areas where they desperately need improvement – defense and three-point shooting. Of course, Williamson himself is the icing on the cake as he has recovered this year. When you put all of those pieces together, you have a capable roster that can take on any team. Proof of that is the Pelicans’ current record of 18-8, which puts them at the top of the Western Conference. With such standing, there’s really no reason not to pay more attention to Zion Williamson’s cards on the market.

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1. The best time to buy Zion Williamson Rookie tickets is now.

Speaking of Williamson’s shares in the card market, the trend for its prices is down. As it stands, the current value of his PSA 10 Prizm Silver Rookie card is $1,223, according to a three-month chart from Card Ladder. Looking at the data, the card started at $1,525, hit a bottom of $870 and has been climbing back up for the past few weeks.

Judging from the information alone, these Zion Williamson rookie cards appear to reflect the All-Star’s progress on the court this season. If he stays healthy and continues to perform well, there’s no reason for All-Star stock to rally again in the coming months. Because of this, now is the best time to snag Williamson’s cards on the market before they potentially go straight to the moon.

For these three reasons, hobbyists should be aware that the young New Orleans star is a stock to watch out for when shopping for great deals. It won’t be long before Williamson’s NBA cards get the attention they deserve in the market.

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