5 Ways Robert Downey Jr. Can Return In Marvel’s Armor Wars Movie

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were recently shocked when this was revealed arms wars would no longer be a Disney+ series. Instead, it was adapted into a film.

Given that the concept is all about Tony Stark’s tech falling into the wrong hands and is generally wanted across the board, it would make sense that Marvel Studios might need a bigger budget to play. At least that’s what it says arms wars; There will likely be a lot of high-tech suits in action.

However, given the huge shift and given the film’s subject matter, there’s a big question hanging in the air: will Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man make an appearance?

While the answer is yet to be known, there are several ways the Dead Avenger could make a grand entrance.

1.) A new AI

Tony Stark, A.I

The most likely scenario for Robert Downey Jr.’s eventual return is that he will provide the voice and potential video for a new AI. In a project that involves his tech falling into the wrong hands, tech specific to his suits of armor no less, this seems like a no-brainer.

Being an AI is something he did in the comics, especially after being decommissioned after the events of civil war 2. In fact, it’s an important part of Riri William’s earliest adventures as Ironheart.

Although it doesn’t seem like the AI ​​will take the character’s introduction into account Black Panther: Wakanda Foreverthat doesn’t mean it will never arrive. arms wars could be the perfect place for it.

2.) Revisiting the past

Tony Stark, Ironman

arms wars Sounds like there’s a heavy focus on Stark’s legacy in the MCU, especially to those close to him. This means that on a narrative level, it would make sense to explore these characters’ deeper connections to Iron Man.

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This opens the doors to flashbacks for almost everyone in the film who knew Tony. For example, Stark’s daughter might remember a cute moment she had with her father when she was young, Rhodey might remember an important moment when she was joking, and Pepper Potts might think back to when the two of them first met.

These scenes would help reinforce the emotional core of the film. Having her would be very beneficial on a storytelling level, making the return of Downey Jr. more than just a glorified cameo.

In addition to the traditional flashbacks, Stark could easily appear in more hologram messages, similar to the one playing at the end of Avengers: Endgame for Morgan Stark.

3.) The Multiverse Equation

Tony Stark, Iron Man

With the multiverse being the major focus of the current MCU saga, it seems only appropriate that it be used to bring back some of the departed – be it forever or just a passing appearance. Tony Stark would easily be one of the top contenders if that ever happened.

However, rather than bringing back an earlier version of the same Stark audience, it’s just as likely that a completely different variant will also emerge. After all, there seems to be a real possibility that an alternate version of the character will emerge Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness— though it probably wouldn’t be Robert Downey Jr.

However, it’s hard to see how something like this could flow into the plot of arms wars. However, it’s still part of the Multiverse saga – so anything is possible.

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4.) A secret invasion

Tony Stark, Skrull

Ever since the Skrulls were introduced Captain Marvel, fans have wondered when they would be used to emulate the heroes that audiences have come to love. It hasn’t quite happened yet, but with Secret invasion on the horizon there’s a good chance it’s just a matter of time.

It’s not clear what status the Skrulls and their attendant conflicts will one day have Secret invasion find an end. But if they stay on earth, it will always be possible to have a copy of any superhero.

After all, that was revealed at D23 arms wars and Secret invasion are far more connected than audiences might think.

With Stark’s technology in such high demand, it might not just be the people of Earth who are looking for a piece of the pie. This could bring the Skrulls into play as they attempt to maneuver themselves into a position to steal some of the most desirable tech.

5.) Tony Stark Duplicated

Tony Stark, Ironman

Finally, there is a possibility that Tony Stark will be cloned. Admittedly, this is probably not the case for arms warsbut anything can happen in comics.

Stark has been cloned before in the comics, so there’s precedent. In which spider verse Event, the clone version of the character fought several Spider-People on Earth-802 during their battles with the Inheritors.

Another incident of cloning involves the supervillain Magus, also known as the dark personality of Adam Warlock. The great evil eventually visited the dimension of manifestations (because that’s one thing, of course), where he created doppelgangers of some of Earth’s most powerful heroes.

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Cloning has not yet been properly addressed in the MCU, making this the least likely option of all. But it will no doubt show up at some point. Eventually, stolen Stark technology may be the reason for some major technological breakthroughs that will make something like clones possible.

After all, Mister Sinister from X-Men hasn’t had a theatrical adaptation yet. He could easily be included in Marvel’s future plans.

The eventual return of Tony Stark

Tony Stark Iron Man RDJ

There’s no denying that Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark will eventually return to the big screen. He’s one of the greatest characters in all of film history – he’ll show his face again.

But will arms wars be the example? It’s hard to say, but since this is a movie and not the Disney+ series it started as, the project has more money than it originally did. That means the studio can actually afford to have Tony Stark on screen.

That being said, the most likely place the original Avenger could show up is during Avengers: Secret Wars (With The Kang Dynasty also a solid option). The grand climax of the Multiverse saga seems like the perfect place for such a grand return, albeit temporary.

arms wars has no release window while Avengers: Secret Wars is scheduled to hit theaters on May 1, 2026.

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