58 animated feature film projects selected for Animated 2023

The selection committee of Cartoon 2023 have announced their selection for the upcoming co-production and networking event, with 58 animated feature projects take part. The European and global toon industry will gather in Bordeaux, France from March 7th to 9th.

A total of 27 projects (47%) are in the development phase, 20 (34%) in concept and three (5%) in production, with a further eight (14%) ready for their sneak preview. The majority of these films are aimed at family audiences (33 projects, 57%), although young adult/adult projects continue to gain traction with 13 projects (22%). Another 12 titles (19%) are reserved for children, including one for preschoolers.

Mars Express
Mars Express (All On Deck, France)

As is usually the case France leads the pack with a whopping 27 projects with one or more main producers in the country. Germany is represented with seven projects, followed by Spain (five), Italy (four), Belgium (three), Denmark and the Netherlands (two each) as well as individual applications from Armenia, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine (15 countries represented).

Four Souls of the Coyote
Four Souls of Coyote (Cinemon Studios, Hungary)

Local industry is represented with nine projects, including seven supported by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region:

  • Jim Queen (made by Bobbypills)
  • beausoleil (Moteur S’il Vous Plaît)
  • Chicken for Linda! (Dolce Vita Film / Miyu Productions)
  • Happy end (Miyu productions)
  • Mars Express (all on deck)
  • The hermit and the bear (Tant Mieux productions)
  • The Dreamed Journey of Alpha Two (Godo Movies)
    (beausoleil and Mars Express are also supported by the Charente department)

… As well as two of studios in the Bordeaux / Nouvelle-Aquitaine metropolitan area: Sun Creature France with Betty’s dream and UMANIMATION with Long Time Girl: An Endless Urban Adventure.

Decorado (UniKo, Abano Prod.; Spain)

Cartoon Movie 2023 will welcome several veteran directors including Alberto Vazquez (unicorn wars) with his new opus decoration, Hugo von Faucompret (Mom pours rain) present Round and round the wishing well, Cedric Babouche (Creator of the interactive game Dordogne) With A girl for a long time, Leo Marchand & Anne-Laure Daffis (My neighbors’ neighbors are my neighbors) With The Roman of Renart, Koppelia trio Ben Tesseur, Steven DeBeul & Jeff Tudor With Still life in the Penguin Cafe and Jens Moller (Oglies) With Yap Yap – The Secret Forest. Live Action Director Guillaume Gallienne presents his first animated project, Cyrano.

Yap-Yap: The Secret Forest
Yap-Yap: The Secret Forest (Parka Pictures, Denmark; Milford, Sweden)

Cartoon Movie will also feature sneak preview sessions on highly anticipated titles Four Souls of the Coyote out Aaron Gauder (Winner of the 2005 Annecy Cristal Award for The quarter!), as well as Mars Express through Jeremie Perin and Dragon Keeper through Salvador Simo (Winner of the 2019 European Film Awards in Animation for Buñuel in the labyrinth of the turtles).

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Two projects will also enter their next phase after going through the development path of Cartoon Springboard to the cartoon: The precious gift directed by Lenka Ivancikova (from Cartoon Springboard 2017 to Cartoon Movie 2018, In Concept) returns this year in the In Development series; Otis directed by Philip Diviak was featured at Cartoon Springboard this fall and will now present an In Concept version.

At cartoon-media.eu you will find further information on all projects and you can register for Cartoon Movie 2023.

The Roman of Renart
The Roman by Renart (Lardux Films, France)

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