“Ain’t no JSU player, alumni or…”: Deion Sanders doubles down on critics berating his job move to Colorado

Former Jackson State head coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders has come under fire after moving to Colorado this month. As a result, the veteran received several points of criticism, to which he gave appropriate answers. Sanders added more to his reasoning and revealed the man who stood by his side during this phase of the transition.


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Since Deion Sanders took the coaching job at Jackson State, the legend has changed the entire landscape of HBCUs and elevated the status of such universities in college football.


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Finding a coach of his caliber is a difficult task for schools like JSU; However, Sanders went above and beyond wealth and fame for the community. While there was speculation he would remain for a few more years, Coach Prime made an unexpected decision to leave the JSU Tigers and start a new journey in Colorado.

The move angered fans, who denounced the legendary coach and accused him of betraying their trust. However, Sanders repeatedly justified his move with the fact that he shot at all these critics.

Recently, the 55-year-old shared a heartwarming post on Instagram in which he referenced his dear friend and big brother from the NFL world, Robert Brazille. The coach appreciated the efforts and advice he received from Brazille which helped him get through the transition period.

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“I had to say what I felt, and I really felt what I said. Are there no JSU players, alumni or supporters like my dear friend and big brother ROBERT BRAZILLE. He’s been there since DAY 1. He advised me, gave me wisdom, understood the vision and loved us all. Love you 2 lives big brother,” he captioned and shared some photos.

Deion Sanders makes new commitments

In the end, it’s about making choices, and Sanders deserves to live life the way he wants. Even civil rights activists like Al Sharpton supported the veteran for the new job. Meanwhile, the former Super Bowl champion made several promises to the fledgling Boulders roster and started his recruiting process online.


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American civil rights activist deals with Deion Sanders, who is leaving HBCU for a more lucrative job in Colorado

4 days ago

“It’s my job and my profession and my business and my dream to bring you back to where you know you belong.“Sanders motivated the team after he took over as head coach. “We’re going to put together some of the best coaching staff, some of the best Boy Scouts, some of the best kids that we recruit.” he added.


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Sanders served three seasons at Jackson State and during that tenure led the Tigers to their first-ever 12-0 winning streak in program history. Similarly, his 27-5 record became one of the best winning percentages in Division I football. More is to come as the legend had just begun his new journey with the Colorado Boulders.

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