AJ Dillon says Polar Express isn’t a top 3 Christmas movie, he’s right

The Packers will play the Dolphins on Christmas Day, so maybe that’s why AJ Dillon gets into the Christmas spirit and urges his supporters to engage in debate when it comes to Christmas movies.

The topic is polar express a top 3 christmas movie?

Dillon doesn’t think so and says his top 3 Christmas movies are Home alone, Christmas holidays, and everyone’s favorite Christmas movie with a title that doubles as a legal pun, Santa Claus.

His followers were quick to offer their opinion.

Most everyone agreed on that The Polar Express is definitely not a top 3 Christmas movie.

I was pleased that, for once, the majority of people with the right attitude agreed: there are none path it is in the top 3.

Dillon’s top 3 is pretty square on the nose for a lot of people. Maybe just a few people exchange ideas a Christmas Story or Elevenbut other than that it’s hard to argue.

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Now… The Polar Express…

Tom Hanks starred The Polar Express and played several characters. He’s not exactly a chameleon, so they were all kind of similar, but it still counts as multiple characters. (Photo by Tomokazu Tazawa/WireImage)

polar express Makes do with being about as middle of the road as possible

The Polar Express is the ultimate mid-range Christmas movie. If you love a lot of sob clichés and Tom Hanks plays multiple characters, you’ll love it.

If you’re something else, you’d better watch an adaptation of A Christmas song was ever made.

Especially the muppets. who rules.

The Polar Express are the Red Hot Chili Peppers of the Christmas movies. It’s nobody’s favorite movie, but it’s nobody’s at least neither darling. That kind of mediocre consistency can read this bizarre paradoxical success.

But it is aimed at children. It’s a children’s classic.

I can’t imagine being higher on the kids list. We’re talking about a generation of kids who can barely get through a TikTok video. They expect them to be cool when a kid spends two hours trying to find a bell.

Most kids would probably still prefer those Eleven, How the Grinch Stole Christmas or any Rankin Bass specials (shoutout year without santa claus Curmudgeons until I die!).

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want my Christmas movies to drive me insane. My feelings are reserved for friends, family and the commercials with the dogs to adopt. They are taboo for Christmas films.

I flip the Christmas train for a fun time. When I sit down to watch a Christmas movie, I plan on having the happiest Christmas since Bing Crosby tapped Danny Kay.

This is something from me The Polar Express doesn’t deliver and why it’s not just outside the top 3, but closer The Star Wars Holiday Special (despite the wry amusement) than it is Christmas holidays.

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