Alabama private college is seeking a bailout and warns it could be shut down

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A private college in Alabama is seeking a $37.5 million federal bailout after years of deficits and declining enrollment, with state legislatures warning that without the money, Birmngham-Southern College could be within months could be closed

The 1,000-student Birmingham institution released a statement on Saturday, describing the application as part of a plan “to put the college on a sound financial footing over the long term.”

Jefferson County lawmakers are scheduled to debate the proposal Monday, reported.

“Birmingham-Southern has been in financial distress for over a decade. Without support, it will not be able to continue operating after May 2023,” Sen. Jabo Wagoner and Rep. Jim Carns, both Republicans from Vestavia Hills, wrote in a letter to lawmakers first reported by the news outlet. “Without a commitment from the state, the college must notify students that it will no longer be accepting applications until mid-January.

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