An underrated Hugh Jackman film has just overtaken Bullet Train on Netflix’s top 10 film list

Netflix’s top 10 movies list is an important way to see what users are watching and what’s popular at any given time. As awards season heats up, summer blockbusters are hitting streaming platforms and more new films are becoming available for audiences to watch at home. Brad Pitt’s hit summer film fast train was one of those films. It quickly gained popularity, climbing to number one on the Netflix list. However, in an unexpected twist, an underrated Hugh Jackman/Jake Gyllenhaal film overtook him, and the film came out nearly 10 years ago.

In this week, fast train dropped to #2 when prisoners rose to number one in the popularity list (via Netflix (opens in new tab)). The film was just added to the platform and released in 2013. At the time, the film was critically acclaimed and a financial success. In addition to Gyllenhaal and Jackman, the film also stars Paul Dano, Viola Davis and Terrence Howard. In addition, there are many heavyweights behind the scenes. prisoners is led by dune Helmer Denis Villeneuve and acclaimed cinematographer Roger Deakins are the cinematographers on the project.

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