Antonio Brown stirs up NBA legends in latest tweet as NFL fans give the cold shoulder

Antonio Brown makes headlines every week with his controversial tweets. While most of the former Super Bowl winner’s tweets are promotional posts for his music business, some are just direct recordings as AB tags the affected individuals. And this time, Brown has chosen the ESPN analyst’s desk, which includes some well-known NBA legends.


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The former Steelers and Buccaneers wide receiver didn’t appreciate it when Malika Andrews, Richard Jefferson, Brian Windhorst and NBA Champion Danny Green started the NBA Today show with Brown’s signature.put the shit on‘ dance step from his popular song. AB wants the credit it deserves, especially since ESPN doesn’t think twice before shooting at him, according to the former NFL star.


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NFL World only had one question to ask Antonio Brown in his QnA session

about 9 hours ago

AB tweeted: “I wonder who dances this?‘ before tagging the former San Antonio Spurs legend and Malika Andrews, adding: ‘No love for AB? You never hesitate to badmouth my name.” Brown never fails to promote his music and hook-step whenever a well-known celebrity is bragging about it. This came recently after Dutch soccer star Memphis Depay did the dance move after beating the US men’s soccer team out of the FIFA World Cup.

Fans don’t care about Antonio Brown or his music after his recent polarizing actions

Antonio Brown loves syncing the emojis for his dance hook step with his trending number. He did that as Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins ​​chilled shirtless with AB’s song playing in the background. However, AB didn’t like the ESPN desk’s tweet, and fans think Brown should just get over himself.

Recently, Antonio Brown made the news when the Tampa Police Department issued an arrest warrant against the former athlete’s name after he was charged with domestic violence. Brown is said to have thrown his shoe at his child’s mother and even threatened her with his gun if she tried to enter his premises. Rumors of a police standoff between authorities and AB circulated. However, these rumors were not true. The police need him to come in and surrender. And fans brought up that touchy subject as he attempted to pick a fight with NBA legends.


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Antonio Brown entered the music industry after the abrupt end of his NFL career. The football world still remembers the infamous shirtless scene when the former WR retired mid-game after not being reinstated by former Tampa Bay Buccaneers HC Bruce Arians. However, despite the incessant trolling, the NFL world still wishes Brown the best life free of scandal and controversy.

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