Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2000 film predicted the future of one of Dwayne Johnson’s biggest acquisitions as a millionaire 20 years later

Arnold Schwarzenegger has long dominated the action hero commercial in Hollywood. His hits include movies like Terminator franchise, Commando, Predator, etc. However, in this day and age, it’s safe to say that WWE superstar-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson has claimed that spot.


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Surprisingly, The Rock and The Governator are linked to one of Arnie’s films. This was discovered 20 years after the film hit theaters.


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Without a doubt, Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most watched Hollywood actors of all time. He starred in several films that became blockbuster hits while some didn’t make it as expected.

In one of those films, the seven-time Mr. Olympia winner and Dwayne Johnson have an unexpected connection in the 2000 film The 6th Day.

The film begins with in-game footage of the XFL football league. In 2000, The Rock was neither the league’s owner nor an actor.

Still, out of all the times DJ and Schwarzenegger shared the screen, we can count this moment as the same. 20 years after appearing on the XFL in a The Styrian Oak film, the former WWE star is the league’s owner.

The then owner of XFL was Vince McMahon. The tricky part is that The 6th Day is set in 2015, when XFL was shut down and dusted off due to “massive financial losses.” However, McMahon tried to revive the league in 2018 but got an unexpected bidder in 2020, namely Dwayne Johnson.

According to Nathan Kamal of Giant Freakin Robot – “The XFL appeared in The Sixth Day as a form of product placement, but didn’t exist when the film was made in 2015; It was then revived after the film’s fictional events, with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cultural successor Dwayne Johnson now in charge (after his old boss kept messing it up). Overall pretty weird.”

The film shows that animal cloning will become routine in the near future, but human cloning will be banned by so-called sixth-day laws. They made the film on a budget of $82 million and earned $96 million worldwide. The film received mixed reviews.

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The Passing of the Torch Moment by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne Johnson

Arnie ruled the action hero commercial for a long time before taking a break from acting for politics. The Rock turned into an actor, more specifically into an action star in Hollywood. As a believer in DJ, Schwarzenegger gave the WWE star his blessing in a movie cameo.

In the film The Rundown, The Governator had a cameo appearance. This moment is now referred to as passing the torch from Arnie to “The Brahma Bull”. In this 3-4 second odd cameo, Schwarzenegger walks past Johnson and says “Have fun.”


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Dwayne Johnson paid tribute to the NFL legend by naming his character after him in the $428 million film

3 months ago

Surprisingly, this was an impromptu cameo deal that happened on the sets. During a conversation with Playboy in 2005, DJ shared that it only took Arnie 20 minutes to agree to make the cameo. The Rock had invited the bodybuilding legend to the Rundown sets for lunch.


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This clearly shows the respect Schwarzenegger has for Johnson. Apparently he knew the importance of this scene for The Rock and it really paid off going forward.

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