Assault survivor says MLA Eldhose Kunnappilly offered Rs 30 lakh to settle case | Kochi

The teacher who complained against Perumbavoor MLA Eldhose Kunnappilly made further damning charges against him and the police during a news conference in Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday.

She said the intelligence agency tried to compromise rather than proceed with the case.

She said the senior police officer also revealed her identity to the media. “I’m a victim, but he gave my name and place to certain news channels,” the woman said, her face covered by a sheet.

She also said that it seemed to her that the Secret Service was not interested in pursuing the case.

Although she filed the complaint on September 28, she said Vizhinjam police kept delaying the MLA’s subpoena and finally asked her on October 9 to see a lawyer with Eldhose Kunnappilly to work out a compromise.

She said the MLA initially told the CI that it would settle the matter for Rs 20,000. Later on October 9, before a lawyer arranged by the CI, the figure was increased to Rs 30,000, she said.

The CI, who was not present at the settlement meeting, asked her to send a WhatsApp message saying that she had withdrawn her complaint. She did not.

According to her, the incident that led to her complaint happened on September 14. She said Eldhose came to her home near Kovalam completely drunk, beat her up and dragged her out. “That day the police were informed, but not by me but by locals who witnessed him attacking me,” the woman said. She said the MLA then informed the CI that she was his wife.

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She claimed later that same day the MLA took her to the capital and harmed her. She said she was taken to General Hospital early in the morning of September 15. “And there too he said I was his wife,” said the woman.

The survivor said she had no intention of filing charges but was forced to do so after unrelenting threats from the MLA and those close to him. “A local convention leader first threatened me on the phone that I would be involved in a honey trap case and told me that she had my videos in her possession. Then someone called me and said he was a police officer. Later, many people came to mediation. Even after all of that, MLA continued to give me problems,” she said.

The woman also said she felt so helpless that she meanwhile fled to Kanyakumari and attempted suicide. “Locals who saw me going into the sea in Kanyakumari informed the police. Then the Tamil Nadu police held me for a day. Then they put me on a bus to Nagercoil hoping I would return to Kerala. But I went to Madurai not because I knew the place, just to be somewhere I wouldn’t be bothered,” she said.

She returned after an officer from the Vizhinjam Police Station called her and told her that wherever she was, she would be arrested.

The woman said she only became close to Eldhose last July, although she had known him since his first tenure as an MLA. “I realized that he was a bad person. He tried to invade my privacy. I wanted to get out of this toxic relationship somehow. He used violence to keep me subjugated,” she said.

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When asked if the MLA had sexually abused her, she refused a direct answer. All she said was that she had made a confidential statement to the magistrate and wanted to keep such things secret. “But I fully stand by the testimony that was given to the judge,” she said.

The woman also said she would reveal more about Eldhose if he and his friends continued to harass her.

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