Attorney Suing JFK Assassination Files Awaits Release (VIDEO)

What really happened in Dallas, Texas the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated? Many believe the answers lie in a treasure trove of records kept secret by the CIA and other agencies.

New York City Attorney Larry Schnapf filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden and the National Archives in October. He demands the release of all secret information, about 16,000 documents.

“We are learning from sources within the national archives that there will be a significant release, but the CIA is still requesting that records be moved. So we’ll find out on Thursday how many records will be released,” Schnapf said. “I don’t think anyone thinks there’s going to be a smashing weapon that gets released. That will answer the question of who killed the President. they would not have put anything in writing.”

SASHA INGBER OF NEWSY: There are many conspiracy theories surrounding this secrecy. Do you think that’s justified?

LARRY SCHNAPF: I think the failure to release the records contributed to a lot of the conspiracy theories. But we believe the CIA is at least hiding evidence that it had an operational interest in Lee Harvey Oswald—the alleged presidential assassin—before the assassination. At least they were aware of him. And if he was indeed the suspected assassin, they might have been able to stop him.

New documents related to JFK's assassination could be released

New documents related to JFK’s assassination could be released

Will we finally find out what really happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963?


He is particularly interested in the Joannides files. They concern a deceased CIA officer who allegedly oversaw the training of a group of anti-Castro Cubans before the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion, when Kennedy insisted that the CIA change plans to cover up US involvement.

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“There’s a possibility that the CIA in particular had an interest in Oswald and that the reason they withheld records is that they would be embarrassed if that information came out,” Schnapf said.

The chair of the now-defunct Assassination Records Review Board last week also called for the documents to be released to restore confidence in the government, writing, “Mr. President, it’s long past time we cleaned up.” He said most in Government informants named in the documents are believed to be dead. And above all, he wants the release of a KGB file on Oswald.

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