Avatar 2 Soundtrack: What songs play in Avatar: The Way of Water?

Avatar: The Way of Water is now running everywhere in theaters and has been highly praised by audiences and critics alike. I had to wait a long time for the sequel, but it was worth it! No expense has been spared from the carefully crafted story and stunning visuals, including the amazing soundtrack. Want to know what songs are playing in the avatar 2 Soundtrack? We have all the details.

Hidden Remote’s Ricky Valero screened the film early to give us a spoiler-free review and first impressions. The judgment? Avatar: The Way of Water is a must on the big screen. Whether you’ve already seen the film in theaters or are waiting for its streaming release but want to know all the songs to look forward to, we’ve got you covered!

Avatar 2 soundtrack

Hollywood Records recently shared Avatar: The Way of Water Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and announces that the soundtrack is now available on all streaming platforms. Check out the songs HERE where you can choose where you want to hear them.

It’s no surprise that the 22-track soundtrack features big names, including Grammy Award-winning composer Simon Franglen and The Weeknd’s “Nothing is Lost (You Give Me Strength)”. If you collect your favorite albums on vinyl, you can pre-order them Avatar: The Way of Water Original Movie Soundtrack HERE. It will be released on April 14, 2023.

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Here is the track list:

  • “Nothing Is Lost (You Give Me Strength)” The Weeknd
  • “Into the Water”, Simon Franglen
  • “Happiness is simple”, Simon Franglen
  • “A New Star”, Simon Franglen
  • “Converging Paths”, Simon Franglen
  • “Rescue and Loss”, Simon Franglen
  • “Family is our stronghold,” Simon Franglen
  • “Home Tree”, Simon Franglen
  • “The Way of the Water”, Simon Franglen
  • “Prakan”, Simon Franglen
  • “Mighty Eywa”, Simon Franglen
  • “Friends”, Simon Franglen
  • “Cove the Ancestors”, Simon Franglen
  • “The Tulkun Return”, Simon Franglen
  • “The Hunt”, Simon Franglen
  • “Na’vi Attack,” Simon Franglen
  • “Eclipse”, Simon Franglen
  • “Bad Parents”, Simon Franglen
  • “Knife Fight”, Simon Franglen
  • “From Darkness to Light”, Simon Franglen
  • “The Spirit Tree”, Simon Franglen
  • “The Songcord”, Zoe Saldana

On Tuesday, December 20th Avatar: The Way of Water (Original Score) is released, with 11 additional score cues from the film. what do you think about them avatar 2 Soundtrack? will you watch the movie In theaters this weekend or waiting for the streaming release?

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