Bill Maher Schools biologist Richard Dawkins on COVID basics

Bill Maher is not a doctor, nor does he play one on TV.

He’s just a political satirist who, according to recent clues, is starting to read news reports outside of the corrupt mainstream media bubble.

A few days ago, the host of “Real Time with Bill Maher” praised old-school journalist Bari Weiss for debuting The Free Press, a news outlet dedicated to fair reporting.

This week, Maher invited famed biologist Richard Dawkins to his Club Random podcast. Their friendly, wide-ranging discussion touched on science and the COVID-19 pandemic in particular.

The podcaster appeared to be much more up-to-date on basic pandemic truths than the biologist. Sometimes it wasn’t even close.

Maher kicked off the pandemic portion of the chat by calling himself a “medical skeptic,” with a caveat.

“I just question everything,” the comedian said. “I’m not anti-vaccination. I believe vaccines are a medical intervention like any other drug that has some disadvantages and advantages. I don’t think everyone has the same health profile, so not every medical procedure is right for everyone like any other drug.”

That sensible approach might have gotten him banned from Twitter a few months ago. It could still get him in trouble on platforms like YouTube or Facebook, sites that haven’t received a transparency upgrade à la Elon Musk’s Twitter.

This mindset suggests that Maher browses sites beyond and The Washington Post that primarily reflect CDC information.

Dawkins countered that vaccines are often about more than individual recipients. They benefit society as a whole by counteracting the spread of a disease.

“That is not true with COVID because we have found that the vaccine does not prevent transmission or receipt. That argument is obsolete at best,” Maher said.

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“Well, it’s certainly true for measles, mumps and rubella,” Dawkins said, changing the subject.


“I’m not an anti-measles vaccine crusader,” Maher said, steering the conversation back on topic. “The issue is now COVID and that is an outdated argument. [The vaccination] is just for you.”

Maher then mentioned how “16,000 doctors and scientists” signed the Great Barrington Declaration in 2020 challenging government-imposed lockdowns to combat the pandemic.

“Have you heard about it?” Mahr asked.

“No,” Dawkins admitted.

“As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists, we have major concerns about the detrimental physical and mental health effects of current COVID-19 policies,” the GBD said.

The Great Barrington Declaration addressed policies that are now viewed by many as failures on many levels, from mental health issues to economic inequalities. Meanwhile, Sweden’s lockdown-free approach produced the best results.

We just learned through examining the Twitter files that Twitter “deliberately blacklisted, censored, suppressed and targeted the GBD and its signers” to support Dr. support Anthony Fauci.

This helps explain why Dawkins, despite his intellectual prowess, had not heard of it. And thanks to Twitter censorship, he’s not alone.

Maher explained that experts who didn’t follow the CDC line have been punished over the past two years, whether by Big Tech censors or Dr. fauci

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We later learned that Dr. Fauci allegedly used his power and influence to obliterate the statement.

“See, the vaccine obviously saved a lot of lives, but they were wrong about transmission,” Maher said.

Dawkins basically ignored him.

“I don’t know the 16,000 doctors. All I know is that at the rate at which these vaccines have been developed, the COVID pandemic has been a triumph of science, and it’s a beautiful story,” said Dawkins.

“Agreed, but only part of the story,” Maher said.


Dawkins said the vaccine replicates what the body’s immune system creates, but “in a harmless way.”

Again, Maher didn’t have it.

“Best case scenario yes, that’s how it’s supposed to work…but as we know, any medical intervention, including vaccines, you can read the literature for them all, is said to have side effects, so don’t exactly mimic what yours is.” body does,” Maher said. “It should be everyone’s personal right to say, ‘You know what I know has always worked for me? My immune system.’”

Maher added that Americans have the right to set their own health plans based on their needs, citing that most of the COVID-19 deaths have been among the elderly and obese.

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Dawkins later argued on behalf of the now dubious hope of herd immunity. Maher shot him again.

“The idea that the epidemic has nowhere to go provided enough people get vaccinated,” Dawkins said.

“But it didn’t work that way,” Maher said. Countries around the world have learned this lesson the hard way, vaccinating large sections of the population without eradicating the virus.

Maher noted that he contracted COVID-19 a month after receiving his vaccine. He added CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky became infected with the virus after several boosters.

Dawkins dismissed both examples as mere anecdotes, though we’ve heard many similar stories.

“It’s a very typical anecdote,” Maher said.

Later, Maher mentioned a Boston lab experiment that produced an even more potent and potentially deadlier version of the virus. Once again, Dawkins was caught napping.

“It’s that gain in function, you know. Call it that where you think COVID maybe that’s how it started in the lab in Wuhan where that was this gain in function,” Maher said.

“I haven’t heard that phrase before,” Dawkins said.

“Gain of function” has been an alarming part of the pandemic narrative. Some say the research effort led to the original COVID-19 virus that killed millions around the world. Fauci critics suggest that he co-funded this research.

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