Bogota and New York join forces to boost 24-hour economy

  • Bogota and new York Launching a 24-hour city network via Mastercard’s City Possible platform to ensure global city economies are vibrant day and night.

  • The 24-hour Cities Network meets quarterly and the outcomes of these meetings are published as guidelines, recommendations and a series of studies focused on improving the city’s 24-hour operations.

BOGOTA, Colombia, October 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Mayor’s Office of Bogota (Colombia) and the mayor’s office of NYC(United States of America), jointly announced the launch of the 24-hour city network in partnership with City Possible, an initiative of Mastercard. The global network will allow city leaders and all interested parties to come together and share their experiences to promote innovative solutions that address the challenges cities face at night and ensure that the economies of the world’s cities have a 24-hour operation.

Alfred BatemannSecretary for Economic Development of Bogotashowed that Bogota Participation represents an opportunity to strengthen strategies and measures aimed at the city’s internationalization, positioning, promotion and cooperation. He also pointed this out “The fact that a city is economically active 24/7 leads to an increase in productivity, which boosts the economy and has enormous long-term benefits for everyone”.

“There is no single solution that addresses the economic, security, and community challenges in the United States New York City’s various districts. Every district needs innovative, responsive, and culturally competent policies to be successful,” said Oscar J Romero Jr Director of Inclusive Innovation and International Collaboration for the New York Office of Technology and Innovation. He added “The 24-hour Cities Network will create opportunities for local, state and federal government officials from around the world to work together, share their practical experiences and ultimately create the conditions for our most vulnerable communities to keep their neighborhoods fair and safe at night.” to be able to enjoy.”

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Since its inception in 2018, City Possible has grown from 16 founding members to more than 330 global cities and continues to grow. Recently welcomed new members as Prague, Czech Republic; Birmingham, United States; and Londrina in Brazil; and several industry partners and multilateral actors, including Honeywell and Motorola, among others.

How will the 24-hour city network work?

For a successful 24-hour urban development it is important to integrate all phases of urban life. the network (headed by Bogota and NYC) will focus on aspects such as transit, infrastructure, security, mobility, racial justice, nightlife and economic activity.

The network, which consists of more than 35 cities from around the world, such as new York, London, Sydney, Sydney, NYCnew york city london, Sydney, Mexico City, Mexico City, Tegucigalpa, Singaporemeet quarterly through a series of virtual meetings and workshops organized by City Possible.

The outcomes of these meetings will be published in the form of guidelines, recommendations and a series of studies focused on improving the city’s 24-hour operations, which will be available in a full report to be published by the end of 2022.

in his leadership role Bogota was a key player in the formation of the international working group that defined not only the issues to be addressed at each of the round tables, but also the guests accompanying each of the activities.



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