Cazenovia College Announces Abrupt Closure: Students Left Q&A Document To Determine Their Future

Students enrolled at Cazenovia College need to find a new place to go by next fall.

Cazenovia College announced on Wednesday that it will be closing permanently after the 2022-23 academic year.

The college said in a statement it was working towards closing by the end of this academic year and that events and courses would normally take place this spring.

“Cazenovia College has weathered many difficult and challenging times — the Great Depression, World War II, a major campus fire in 1959 and more, but the current financial challenges are more than the college can handle,” officials said in one Explanation. “The business realities that led to this extremely difficult decision have been accelerated by the global pandemic and skyrocketing inflation. The college-age population has been and continues to be declining, making it difficult for small private colleges like Cazenovia to sustain enrollment.”

Officials said enrollment fell by 40%.

They added that the pandemic was impacting recruitment and fundraising efforts while increasing the economic strain on colleges like Cazenovia. “There have been major investments in technology and safety measures on campus, while enrollment has declined as students have decided to postpone college or take leave of absence, negatively impacting the college’s financial health,” officials continued. “Finally, the recent uncertainty on the bond and stock markets has made it extraordinarily difficult to refinance the bond debt maturing in September. Being a small college without a large endowment, the college’s challenges are daunting.”

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How are things going with the students?

The College released the following information in Q&A format for students. The faculty had a separate Q&A portal which can be found here.

Will eligible seniors be able to attend college admissions this spring?

Yes, we will be graduating for seniors on May 13, 2023 as planned.

Should I try to change schools for the spring semester 2023?

If you remain enrolled at Cazenovia, you will have the opportunity to work with your supervisor during the spring semester on transfer opportunities for fall 2023. The college has agreements in place with other higher education institutions that provide pathways for you to continue your studies into the fall semester of 2023. The agreements maximize credit transfer, streamline financial assistance packages, and allow students to earn credit wisely. Should students decide to transfer before progressing through the teach-out programs, there are no guarantees as to the number of credits accepted or the transfer of their financial aid package. Please discuss with your supervisor or course director which options are best for you to successfully complete your studies.

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What happens when college closes?

It is Cazenovia College’s responsibility to provide a teaching transfer agreement for as many programs as possible. No student is obliged to enroll in any of the institutions with which Cazenovia has concluded teaching contracts.

Teach-out agreements that Cazenovia College has signed with teach-out partner institutions can provide incentives to complete degrees while maximizing credits and keeping costs as close as possible to your current financial support package. If you are close to completing your studies, you may also have the opportunity to complete your studies at Cazenovia College by taking online or face-to-face courses at other institutions.

As Cazenovia College is closing, do I need to pay any balance on my college account?

Yes, if you owe tuition, fees, room or board for any period up to Spring Term 2023, you are responsible for paying your bill at Cazenovia College. If you have any questions about your account with the college, please contact [email protected].

What happens to my scholarships?

If it is a Cazenovia College Scholarship, it depends on the type of your scholarship. This will be discussed when you meet with Financial Aid.

I have federal student loans, what happens next?

There are many considerations about student loans when a student’s school closes before they graduate. It’s important to know all of your student loans, including your loan debt, which schools borrowed the loans from, and who your current loan servicer is (the agency responsible for collecting payments on your loans).
You can find all your federal student loan information by accessing the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) here. You may access the Site using your Federal Student Aid (FSA) user ID and qualifying personal identification information.

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As Cazenovia College is closing, do I have to pay back the loans I borrowed while studying?

There are many different criteria, including whether you are transferring credits to another school to earn your degree and whether you were enrolled at the closed school within 120 days of its closure. Information for students can be found under the following link to the Federal Student Aid website. It answers many different questions a student might have: Welcome | Federal study grant

How do I pay off my student loans as Cazenovia College is closing?

Credit waiver is the waiver of your obligation to repay your loan in certain circumstances. There are certain eligibility requirements to qualify for a closed debt loan discharge. You must submit an application. See Welcome | for more information Federal study grant.

Will College Closing Affect Student Athletes’ NCAA Eligibility?

Admission rules remain the same whether a school has closed or the student is transferring for their own reasons. In the worst case scenario, if a school closes mid-season, athletes will receive a transfer waiver in-season.
The college, like all NCAA schools, participates in the athlete transfer portal. Our staff will assist any student-athlete, regardless of college status, with the transfer process. The NCAA organized the transmission process to ensure confidentiality and ease of communication. The student-athlete fills in the required forms and our staff enters them into the transfer portal. This gives coaches from anywhere the ability to review and reach out to students’ records and profile. Being in the transfer portal gives other coaches permission to contact you.

What happens to my student documents?

Arrangements will be made for student records to be housed after the college closes. Information will be provided at a later date.

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How long can I keep my Cazenovia email address? Can I still use college provided software like Adobe?

Your Cazenovia email accounts will remain active while you are a student and until college closes. After this date, you will no longer be able to access email or use college-related software.

As a student, how do I get my tax information (W2.1098-T)?

Tax information will be mailed to students at the address on file by January 31, 2024.

Will my Cazenovia College degree still be valid after the college closes?

Yes. The Central States accredit Cazenovia College and employers and other colleges/universities will recognize your degree as a valid degree with full accreditation.

Will there be Covid requirements related to the teach-out arrangements?

Students must follow the Covid requirements of the transfer facilities.

I am a HEOP, TRIO/Reach student, can I keep this in a new school?

Many of the colleges and universities have teach-out arrangements that accept HEOP or TRIO students based on availability. Any location you wish to transfer to can provide you with more detailed information on maintaining HEOP or TRIO student status.

What if I need a transcript after graduating from college?

Cazenovia College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide 24-hour online transcript ordering and official transcript delivery. There is a small fee and delivery options when using the online ordering service. To order one or more official transcripts, log on to the secure National Student Clearinghouse website. The website guides you through placing your order, including delivery options and fees.

What’s happening with the Police Academy and Graduate Programs running into the summer months?

The Police Academy and the Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling will both complete their semester for this academic year.

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