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Chico State Professor David Stachura told a colleague last year he’d bought a gun and hollow-point bullets and talked about committing a mass shooting on campus, the colleague, a lecturer, said during a campus Zoom meeting Monday afternoon.

“He told me, ‘If I wanted you guys dead, you’re dead. I’m a doer,'” said Betsey Tamietti, an associate professor in the biology department, speaking to more than 600 students and faculty. “‘If I’m going to a gunfight, I might stop by your office. I’m not sure,'” Tamietti said, Stachura told her. She said he threatened her not to “become part of the problem” and not to tell anyone, “or you’ll regret it.”

It was not immediately clear when he made the threats that Tamietti claimed at the meeting.

“I’m really scared of this man,” she said on the call, which was routed by university president Gayle Hutchinson, who said the revelations by Tamietti and others were being investigated.

Tamietti described Stachura, an associate biology professor, as “a narcissist. He’s a charmer. If you confront him, he will turn against you.”

In a phone interview Monday night, Tamietti told EdSource that she was aware of the affair Stachura was having with one of his graduate students. “It became very clear that he had a relationship with this other woman[the graduate student],” she said.

Stachura complained to her about professors in the department cooperating with a university investigation into the affair, she said. “He was talking about how people were going against him at work,” she said.

Stachura did not immediately respond to a message from EdSource Monday night.

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Stachura was suspended for 60 days on Friday. Provost Debra Larson said on the call that he had been banned from campus and had turned in keys and passes giving access to buildings. Hutchinson said campus police are watching Holt Hall, home of the biology department.

“I was his confidant,” Tmietti said. For a year she only heard his side of his anger towards other colleagues, she said. Now “his narrative is consistent with the other facts.”

Tamietti’s comments came after about 10 other speakers. Students and faculty took turns blasting administration’s handling of the matter, allowing Stachura, after a months-long investigation into alleged threats to kill colleagues who had complained about his affair with a graduate student he supervised, to be released return to campus. Stachura’s estranged wife disclosed the alleged threats to the court to justify her request for a restraining order against him.

Speakers have consistently criticized the government, both for its response to the threats and for the easy treatment Stachura received in settling the affair investigation.

“I don’t expect anything useful to come out of this meeting. You should be ashamed,” a graduate student told Hutchinson and Provost Larson.

Another student ripped off administration over the handling of Stachura’s affair with the student, which she believed was common knowledge in the biology department. “No faculty member spoke to us about it. They only rewarded his behavior,” the student said. “You don’t care about your students and staff. An image is important to you.”

The Dean of the School of Science, David Hassenzahl, said at the meeting that if Stachura returns from his current suspension, he will not teach next semester. “We have already taken him out of his courses for the next semester,” said Hassenzahl.

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A biology student at the meeting said she was afraid to be in the biology department after learning of the threats Stachura allegedly made against the two professors who worked on the university’s investigation. Whenever she walked into the department, she would look around “what I could use to protect myself in case David Stachura walked through the door. Nobody checked us.”

She said it was the two threatened professors, “two badass women in STEM” who held the department together under the stress of Stachura’s threats.

The student directed her comments to Hutchinson, telling her that if Stachura returns to campus from his current suspension, “find him an office at Kendall Hall,” where the president’s office is located.

Before the meeting began, the Chico State Chapter of the California Faculty Association issued a campus-wide apology Monday for the way it handled a 2020 case involving Stachura’s affair with a graduate student he supervised.

While acknowledging that Stachura had a right to union representation during the investigation, local union leaders wrote in a statement: “We have no duty to cover up harm and wrongdoing, nor should we protect people who have grossly violated their ethical duties and obligations.” to other faculty, staff and students.”

Stachura was suspended Friday amid an uproar on the Chico campus and on social media after EdSource reported last week that Stachura allegedly threatened to shoot two professors who had helped the university’s investigation into the matter, for what he was lightly punished.

“We are learning hard lessons with you all. We, too, are both angry and upset,” union leaders wrote. “We want to be absolutely clear that your (board) board did not fight hard enough for all members and by adhering to procedures designed to protect due process we ended up failing our colleagues and the community. The union’s statement was released ahead of the campus-wide 3 p.m. Zoom meeting.

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