CMU Athletics celebrates graduating on December 15th

MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich.—Fifteen student-athletes from Chippewa will graduate from Central Michigan University this week and participate in ceremonies at McGuirk Arena and the John G. Kulhavi Events Center on Saturday. In addition, CMU Athletics held its annual December student-athlete graduation ceremony Friday morning at the Chippewa Champions Center to honor graduate student-athletes.

“We are proud of the accomplishments and accomplishments of our graduating student-athletes,” said Amy Folan, Zyzelewski Family Associate Vice President/Director of Athletics. “This group has been through some difficult times, both in our world and in our country, and everyone has helped CMU lead the way. Every graduate left their mark on this department and we are so thankful and grateful.”

Folan spoke with CMU President Robert O. Davies and faculty athletic director Dr. Alysa Lucas, at the Graduation Ceremony for Students and Athletes.

Gallery: (12/16/2022) Graduation ceremony for student athletes

As part of CMU’s December 2022 15-strong graduating class, nine are football players, two played volleyball, two played baseball, along with one basketball player and one softball player. Four student-athletes earn a master’s degree.

Due to individual circumstances, several of these athletes could return to compete for Central Michigan in the 2023 school year and beyond.

The following student athletes will graduate this weekend:

(December 17, 2022)

Drew Alsobrooks, BS-Business Administration, Logistics Management/Purchasing & Supply Management
Aiden Shepardson, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science


Harrison Henderson, MBA, Business Administration


Nick Apsey, BS-Business Administration, General Management
Tyden Ferris, BS-Business Administration, Marketing
Cory Gildersleeve, Jr., Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science
Logan Guthrie, BS-Business Administration, General Management
Cole Johnson, MBA, Business Administration
Noah Koenigsknecht, MBA, Business Administration
Daniel Richardson, BA Applied Arts, Entrepreneurship
John Whiteside, Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures, Economics
Joel Wilson, Bachelor of Science, Sports Management

Stephanie Anderson, BS Education, Health and Sport

Sierra Gray, BS Education, History
Gabriele Kapuscinski, MBA, business administration


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