College fair hosted at Agua Caliente Resort

There will be a college mass on October 6th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at the Agua Caliente Resort. My College Fair is hosting the event for the eighth consecutive year for Coachella Valley students interested in pursuing higher education. This is the second time the show will be hosted in person since it was held virtually for two years due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Photo credit: My College Fair

My College Fair was founded by Dr. Julio Omier, associate principal of Rancho Mirage High, and Kate Anderson, director of public relations for the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. One Future Coachella, a local college prep organization, also helped found My College Fair.

College applications can be difficult to navigate, but My College Fair says their goal is to make it easier for students to access higher education

“It brings the reality that they can do it, we want to show students that when they have a dream, that dream is capable and attainable, but they need to see it and feel it. So we bring the colleges to them. So that they can experience that,” said Dr. Julio Omier, Co-Chair of My College Fair.

Representatives from over 75 colleges and trade schools will be in attendance tomorrow.

Some students say they look forward to networking with university officials at the event.

“What better time to ask better questions? They’re the college representatives and college officials and stuff, who better to ask than them?” said Genesys Corado Galicia, a senior at Rancho Mirage High School.

Omier says another goal of My College Fair is to encourage former students to return to the valley.

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Osiel Moreno is another Rancho Mirage High School senior planning to attend the My College Fair event. Moreno says he’s already thinking about returning to the Valley after he graduates.

“I am looking forward to a job in the professional sports industry. With the new arena coming to the Coachella Valley, a return is certainly an option,” said Osiel Moreno, a senior at Rancho Mirage High School.

On their website, My College Fair offers a resource guide that explains everything college is, right down to how students can prepare their college applications. The guide is available in both English and Spanish.

All My College Fair participants must register online. Registration is free and open to the public.

Register here for this event.

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