Comment from Bob Mohrbacher: It has been a very good year for Centralia College

By Bob Mohrbacher / President of Centralia College

December is a good time to take stock of the year and reflect on what has been achieved. It’s an opportunity to pause and take a deep breath before moving on to the next set of goals and challenges. At Centralia College we have accomplished so much in 2022 and it is important to take a moment to celebrate how far we have come.

Here are some of the highlights:

• We are completing construction of a new on-campus athletic facility for baseball, softball and soccer.

• The college has partnered with a private company to build and manage a 112-bed student housing unit that has broken ground at Ash Street and Centralia College Boulevard and will open in the fall of 2023 to provide better housing options for students Students but we hope this will help alleviate the local housing shortage.

• We celebrated 10 years of affordable bachelor’s degrees in Lewis County. Centralia College’s first undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Applied Management, was first offered in September 2012.

• We launched our fifth bachelor’s degree, the Bachelor of Applied Science in Behavioral Healthcare. This program trains human services professionals, including social workers, community service managers, substance use disorder professionals, case managers and more.

• Our sixth undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, was recently approved by the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. We are working on the details and plan to welcome students in autumn 2023.

• We were recognized for our efforts to increase student voter turnout in 2022. Centralia College was recognized as a Most Engaged Campus by the All IN Democracy Challenge, a nonpartisan, statewide effort to increase student enrollment and participation.

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• We welcomed the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic for the first time since 2019 and opened our campus to thousands of riders in transit or overnight stops.

• In June, at our opening ceremony, we awarded 449 associate degrees, 62 bachelor degrees, 23 certificates and 56 high school diplomas.

• Our Centralia College Foundation awarded nearly $500,000 in scholarships in September.

• We welcomed three new deans, a new vice president and trustee, and dozens of new faculty and staff.

• We have endeavored to update our strategic plan and collected feedback from students, staff and the community. This feedback will help us set priorities for the future and guide our strategic vision.

If you want to give us feedback and support us on our way to 2023 and beyond, visit Centralia

College website at and click on the Strategic Planning banner.

As much as we have achieved in 2022, there is still more to do. Happy New Year, trailblazers.

Bob Mohrbacher is President of Centralia College.

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