DC Studios announces when a new film panel will be unveiled

DC Studios’ newly appointed co-CEO James Gunn has officially revealed when fans can expect a first look at the new DC Universe tablet.

Gunn has just taken the helm of Warner Bros.’ (WB) super-powered franchise alongside DC Studios co-head Peter Safran in a bid to hopefully revitalize plans for an interconnected cinematic costume universe.

Since taking over, Gunn and Safran have only hinted at what they have plans for the DCU, teasing “the greatest story ever told.” This new approach from the couple has left DC Studios’ premier duo with some tough decisions to make, and with these hero cuts and film scraps, fans have all been left in the dark, knowing almost nothing of what was to come.

Well, it seems like James Gunn has hinted at when audiences can hope to get their first taste of this new era of the DCU.

The DCU Slate is coming

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DC Studios co-head James Gunn took to Twitter to reveal when fans can officially expect more news about the DCU reboot.

in one tweetGunn posted the line “a DC panel [is] ready to go”, and fans will get a first look at these new plans “at the beginning of the new year:”

“Peter and I have a DC board ready to go, which we couldn’t be happier about; we will be able to share some exciting information about our first projects at the beginning of the new year.”

This confirms recent reports that an official reveal of Gunn and co-CEO Peter Safran’s updated DCU roster would arrive “the next two months” Reference to a reveal date in January 2023.

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When Will Fans See Gunn’s DCU Vision?

As previously reported, fans appear to be just weeks away from getting their first really good look at James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU plan. Sure, the pair of DC executives aren’t going to share everything they have in store with theirs “ten-year plan”, But it will be a welcome site for many to even get a glimpse of what’s in store.

It’s going to be a process, and while Gunn says, he and Safran “A DC Slate, Ready to Go”, Certainly there are still specifics like casting and directors that need to be determined.

It’s important to remember that the couple only took over the franchise less than two months ago. It’s likely that Gunn and Safran had to have some kind of plan in mind when they pitched their candidacy to WB, but it seems a bit quick for the pair to wrap up a decades-long punch-to-beat story.

It was mentioned that Gunn and Safran’s DC Studio Slate first film would follow aquaman 2meaning it would likely be sometime in early 2024. But if that were the case, the team would have to get things going and get the cameras rolling pretty fast.

For now, it feels like audiences will at least get a taste of where things are going with the DCU next January.

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