Denise Adkison-Brown, Pllc Law Firm is an auto accident attorney providing legal assistance to injured victims seeking justice and fair compensation

Personal Injury Attorney at Law Firm Denise Adkinson-Brown understands how insurance companies work and uses her expertise to help injury victims receive appropriate compensation. The law firm is also active in the areas of commercial litigation and consumer disputes.

According to Denise Adkison-Brown, PLLC – Car Accident Lawyer, law firm, their services have enabled car accident victims to settle their claims quickly and for fair amounts. Individuals injured by the negligence and recklessness of others face unexpected costs and losses. These include lost income and opportunity, as well as medical expenses.

The knowledgeable attorney at law firm Denise Adkinson-Brown, PLLC, answers an injury victim’s questions and, if engaged, vigorously investigates to establish the facts of the matter. The experienced car accident lawyer of this law firm commissions medical authorities and accident reconstructionists with their reports.

The law firm will do whatever is necessary to build convincing arguments for a fair insurance settlement and is prepared to take legal action if necessary.

Denise Adkison-Brown Law Firm, PLLC LawInfo Listing, provides insight into the practice of the law firm.

According to sources, the law firm of Denise Adkinson-Brown, PLLC understands that every case is different, and even in a seemingly simple case, proving liability can be difficult. Experience and knowledge of the laws that govern auto accidents are essential to administering justice while meeting deadlines for filing documents.

The team at this law firm understands that the citizen may not have the means, knowledge, or even the will to fight defendants and their insurance companies. They work hard to bring about justice; By operating on a contingency fee basis, the law firm ensures that injured parties do not have to pay out of their own pockets.

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The positive reviews of this law firm indicate their success in obtaining fair compensation for auto accident victims in and around Houston, TX.

The law firm of Denise Adkinson-Brown, PLLC, said: “Many people believe that there are specific rules as to who is at fault in certain types of car accidents, but any Houston car accident lawyer can tell you there isn’t . For example, there is a general belief that the driver in the back seat is always at fault in a rear-end collision.

This is not the case. There are too many factors involved in collisions to make general assumptions, so the information in the accident report is critical in these cases. Additionally, the Texas auto accident law makes the issue of liability even more complex.

That’s because the Lone Star State uses comparative negligence rules. This means that a driver could be partially at fault for their accident and still have a valid personal injury claim. The nuance here is that the victim’s eventual court verdict is reduced by their percentage of at fault. For example, imagine a situation where a victim was speeding down the street and hit a T-Bone on a car that was running a red light with a drunk driver behind the wheel.

The jury may believe speeding was 10% the cause of the wreck, but they still believe the drunk driver was 90% at fault.

In such a situation, the victim’s compensation would be reduced by 10%. Fortunately, such compensation can still go a long way toward covering lost wages, future medical expenses, and other losses in the event of a serious car accident.”

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About the firm:

The Law Firm of Denise Adkison-Brown, PLLC has been helping Houston residents by providing stress-free recovery for those suffering from car accidents, building liability, etc.

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