Driving hack: Drivers can use a pair of tights and cat litter to get rid of fog in car

Motorists have been told they can use a pair of tights and fresh kitty litter to keep their car windows from fogging up. The reason for window fogging is due to the moisture in the air trapped in the car and the windows are colder than the dew point. Moisture from the air turns into condensation when it hits the cold windows.

Driving with fogged windows can not only be dangerous, it can also lead to hefty fines if it leads to careless driving.

Dorry Potter, National Scrap Car’s car and scrapping expert, told Express.co.uk that the ‘fog’ on the windows can dramatically reduce driver visibility, ‘making driving ahead of the eviction extremely dangerous’.

She added: “Not only that, it’s illegal. The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 Regulations 23 and 27 and the Highway Code state that ‘windscreens and windows shall be kept clean and free from obstruction’.

“This means if a driver fails to properly clean the windows before driving off, this can result in a fixed fine of up to £2,500, three penalty points and in some cases even disqualification if the offense is committed within three years of an earlier one Convicted of the same crime.”

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“Preferably a carrying bag for the wet umbrella so that moisture does not get into the ground and when leaving the vehicle.”

When leaving the car, drivers should always remember to remove the bag with the umbrella inside.

The expert added that motorists could fill a pantyhose with clean cat litter and put it in the car.

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Ms Potter said: “The kitty litter will help draw moisture out of the air, sure it won’t look particularly attractive as a car accessory but at least you’ll be safer and free from the risk of a fine, alternatively you could use a silica car dehumidifier.”

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The expert added: “Put the Car Silica Dehumidifier Pack in the car and it will help remove excess moisture from the air.

“You can also buy an anti-fog spray that you apply to clean windows that will prevent fog from forming.

“If you have fogged windows, there are better ways to clean your window than using a drive-thru napkin or, worse, your sleeve.

“Drivers may want to use the demister setting, often represented by a windshield shape with three wavy arrows, to direct hot air onto the windshield.

“If you have air conditioning, it also helps to clean the windows faster.”

Remember that if you are using the air conditioner, heater or demister to clear window fogging, DO NOT use the recirculation setting.

“The circulating air keeps the moisture locked in the car.”

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