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Elon Musk, US Economy, and Harry Styles

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The history

Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter.


Apparently. Musk posted one obscure tweet, signaling he’s finalized the deal, but Twitter has yet to confirm it. The Musk-Twitter dynamic feels like Daemon and Rhaenyra’s relationship: toxic, messy, and uncomfortable to watch. Earlier this year, Musk Love bombarded Twitter with a $44 billion bid. But months later, he tried to back out, citing fake accounts and spam bots. Twitter didn’t have it and sued Musk. Then a judge ordered Musk to close the deal to date. But in Kravis fashion, Musk and Twitter tied the knot sooner than expected.

I let that affect me.

That’s what musk is. One of his first assignments: reportedly firing Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and other top executives — including the chief legal officer who was the decision-maker who removed former President Trump from the platform. That after allegedly meeting with employees and dismissing reports, he will fire 75% of Twitter employees. All of this has people wondering what Twitter will look like under Musk.

Introduce …

Musk hailed his takeover as a victory for free speech absolutists. And said he wanted Twitter to be a “digital marketplace” where beliefs could be debated in a “healthy way and without the use of violence.” According to Musk, even his “worst critics” have a place on Twitter. His takeover means people who have been kicked off the platform, like Trump or Kanye West, may be welcome back. Then there’s the whole question about ads. 92% of Twitter’s revenue comes from ad sales. And advertisers don’t like it when their brands are associated with violence and hate. The changes also come as the advertising market — and media in general — undergoes some sort of reckoning: Apple’s recent privacy upgrade and inflation worries are hitting everyone from Twitter to Alphabet to Meta.

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the skimm

The richest man in the world now owns one of the most popular social media sites (ahem, after Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram). The direction Musk takes will likely affect how we communicate…when we hit tweet.

And also… that

What we keep an eye on…

The US Economy. Yesterday, a GDP report noted that the economy grew in the last quarter for the first time this year. The news – that the Apple Watch is on the rise of the US economy – gave investors a reason to open up on the good stuff. The 2.6% annual growth rate was higher than forecast, and President Biden said it was “proof” that our economic recovery is “moving forward.” And smoldering recession rumors… for now. A narrowing trade gap (aka when US exports increase) and spending on things like travel were major reasons we saw the rebound. But the report also showed that consumer spending, which fuels the US economy, has slowed.

…Oh, and buying that dream home just got even harder. Mortgage rates are peaking at over 7% for the first time in 20 years. Guess we’ll treat Zillow like our Pinterest boards again, then.

Why We Check Our Drug Labels…

nitrosamine. Earlier this week, the FDA announced the recall of a blood pressure drug because of a potential cancer risk. Aurobindo Pharma USA says its quinapril and hydrochlorothiazide tablets — typically used to treat high blood pressure and lower blood pressure — contain nitrosamine. Also known as a chemical found in things like water, meat, and beer, but can increase a person’s risk of cancer when exposed to high levels over time. Over the years, nitrosamine has prompted several other drug recalls. Though no side effects have yet been reported, the agency says patients should contact their doctor and see if they should continue taking it — or find an alternative treatment.

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His testimony reads “Come to me”…

Donda Academy. Yesterday, Yes’s private school reportedly reversed its decision to close its doors. That year, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West founded the Los Angeles-based Christian private school. The mission: to prepare the “next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators”. And it drew a lot of attention and dozens of students. But earlier this week, following the rapper’s anti-Semitic comments, the principal said it was on hiatus for the remainder of the school year — “at the discretion” of its founder. Now the school has apparently changed its mind and the students can immediately celebrate church services and take parkour courses again.

…Oh, and it’s not the only Ye update yesterday: a new report says Ye wanted to name his 2018 album after Adolf Hitler and that he has an “obsession” with the Nazi dictator. The rapper eventually settled on the eponymous album title, “Ye.”

Who has a lot at stake…

These fishermen.

Who gives Derek Zoolander competition for his money…

Harry Styles as the merman.

If you need a last minute Halloween costume…

Try out tragic space couple. Thank you fake ghost halloween memes.

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