Everything Everywhere director warns of toxic fandom

He watches the venomous discourse from the side.
Photo: Michael Yada/ABC via Getty Images

Everything everywhere at once Channeling the spirit of Waymond Wang, co-director Daniel Kwan boldly asked Film Twitter, “Please! Please! Can we… can we just stop fighting?” On Thursday, Kwan a long thread as answer to screenshots by fans berating critics for not including his A24 hit in their year-end film listings. “The algorithm pushed that into my timeline, and as one of the people who made the film, he’s not going to take that aggression, man,” Kwan said tweeted. “I know the end of the year discourse on movie twitter can be toxic with all the ‘best of’ lists coming out, but this really needs to stop. The act of valuing a work of art is so absurd and should only be viewed as an incredibly personal and subjective endeavor.”

For Kwan, these types of lists are a great way to introduce people to films that need more publicity, money, and praise — but he’s already feeling like he’s “drowning in validation.” everything everywhere at once starring Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan and Stephanie Hsu, recently won the Gotham Awards. “I am so grateful to the fans who love this film and made it their own,” Kwan wrote. “I know that this story and the characters mean so much to so many that any insult to the film feels like a personal attack. He added that during Oscar season he “wouldn’t want to see any bullies, no meanies, no idiots coming forward with our film.” (For what it’s worth, Vulture predicts the film will compete for Best Picture.) Kwan ended his 11-tweet thread by gently suggesting that angry fans should ask themselves: What would Waymond do? Hey, maybe logging out of the Vogel app is an action so weird and wild that it could allow us to jump into a friendlier version of reality.

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