Explore the Color Palettes of Your Favorite Movies

Do you have a favorite movie and want to show it to the world? Want a cool lock screen or wall decoration of your favorite movie but don’t like what’s out there? Well, you must check out The Colors of Motion’s website!

The Colors of Motion website is so cool because you can see the color palette of an entire movie. Each print contains color lines. The website explains that “starting at the top and ending at the bottom, each horizontal line is the average color of a single frame from the film”. How cool is that? Not only does it capture the color of each frame in a movie, but as you watch it, you see the movie as a whole and see what the movie really looks and feels like.

The site notes that they have two variations of designs:

The first variation takes the colors of the film and fills the frame with concentric circles, from the beginning (top left) to the end (bottom right).⁠ We love the way this creates depth and texture.⁠

The second variant keeps the top-to-bottom stacking of color lines, but here we expand and narrow the width of the lines based on the luminosity of the scene (light = wide, dark = narrow), emphasizing the succession of light and dark scenes and gives the poster a certain three-dimensionality, which we emphasize with a black background.

As I tried to figure out what movies to look for, my mind went absolutely blank. Since it’s scary season I was thinking about my favorite scary movie, Scream (it might actually be a favorite in general), but unfortunately they were under no pressure for this movie.

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After digging through the list, I saw Gone Girl and immediately clicked on it (because duh! This movie is awesome)! And of course it was just as beautiful as the film with all the blues, greens and browns.

Screenshot of part of Gone Girl’s color palette at thecolorsofmotion.com

Screenshot of part of Gone Girl’s color palette at thecolorsofmotion.com

You can search everything by title, director, genre and year! Once the search options appear, you can click on the print you want to view the purchase options. Although the prices are a bit high it might be worth it because this is such amazing work.

All information comes from thecolorsofmotion.com.

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