Ezra Miller breaks the silence as he plays TWO characters in the Flash film

The LightningThe DC FanDome 2021 trailer confirmed that Ezra Miller will play two Barry Allens in the film, and the DCU actor has opened up about her dual portrayal.

The multiverse will play a major role in this The Lightning, which means other versions of DCEU characters will appear. It has already been confirmed that the film will feature two Bäumen: Michael Keaton’s version and Ben Affleck’s Snyder Verse hero.

Additionally, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl will make her screen debut, taking the place of Henry Cavill’s Superman in a less powerful Justice League than that seen in previous films.

While other variants of DC heroes have yet to appear, the two Barrys were the main highlight of The Lightning‘s promotion.

Ezra Miller teases two Barry Allens in The Flash.

Blitz, Barry Allen
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About a recently surfaced featurette for The Lightning, Director Andy Muschietti and actor Ezra Miller teased what to expect from the two Barry Allens in the film.

Miller shared that it’s the other Barry Allen in the film “side by side” with the main DCEU hero in the timeline pointing it out “everything has become shaky:”

Muschietti: “Ezra plays two characters, including the original Barry and young Barry.”

Miller: “There’s another ‘him’ coexisting in this timeline, and everything has gotten out of hand.”

When asked about Barry Allen’s growth in The Lightning During an interview at DC FanDome 2021, Miller admitted as much “forms a very large and powerful arch”, noting that it features “Much variety” for the character in more ways than one:

“Yes, I think it represents a very big and powerful arc. I think this is a story that changes Barry Allen a lot in more ways than one. And I think it really takes him away from being the kind of person we got to know in the Justice League movies. It takes him from that place of a young person who has gained his powers but doesn’t know exactly how to manifest them, who has joined a legion of superheroes but doesn’t quite know his place in his context.”

Miller concluded by saying that they think so The Lightning is both “an origin story and coming into its own story:”

“And it takes him from there to really on my mind to be Barry Allen, to be the Flash. I think in a way it’s an origin story and coming into its own story, so it’s a big, big arc for Barry. Brackets, slash, ‘S’, end brackets.”

Why are there two Barry Allens in the Flash?

Given that a previous report revealed that the “other” Barry is the film’s main villain, this twist adds more emotional weight and is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on Miller’s versatility as an actor. The clash between the two Barrys in the film turns into an exciting one as it could be a fight for survival.

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Amid the controversies they face, it’s clear that Ezra Miller is at the top of her game in this film. Miller portrays two Barry Allens The Lightning allows the film to showcase the actor’s immense talent alongside veteran stars of the industry in Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck.

Although the CWs The Lightning already two Barry Allens, The DCU’s flash Film has the opportunity to narrate a new take that would further expand the Scarlet Speedster’s lore.

There is a general trope in time travel movies: only one version of the same person should exist in a single timeline. Evil Barry might be aware of this, and he could manipulate the main Barry and the newly formed Justice League to achieve his goal of survival.

Whatever the case The Lightning will feature a heart-wrenching battle between two exciting characters played by the same actor.

The Lightning Premieres in theaters June 16, 2023.

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