Fans Want Lakers Legend to “Come Back” as 5X NBA Champion Adds Another Trophy to His Cabinet

The Los Angeles Lakers have seen many great players sport their famous purple and gold jersey since their inception. The NBA world has been blessed to see inspired and great basketball from legends like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James and Magic Johnson. With every passing game, they shifted the goalpost to success.


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Even after his retirement, Magic Johnson has stayed true to the innovation for which he was famous. He increased his fortune and proved to be a shrewd businessman.


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On Saturday night, he tweeted that God had blessed him abundantly. He reminded everyone that he has won 10 NBA championships, 5 as an active player and the other titles as an owner. Magic Johnson listed his social media accomplishments as an owner, including a World Series ring with the Dodgers and a WNBA championship with the Sparks.

He recently added another feather to his hat. His team, Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC), won its first-ever MLS championship against Philadelphia.

The fans celebrated the win alongside Johnson. They applauded his mastermind for tying his name to great teams. And they want that kind of contagious and winning attitude to hang back on the Lakers.

Here are some of the reactions from NBA Twitter:

Johnson hasn’t taken back the praise for his team either. After LAFC’s dramatic win, he tweeted that he and his wife Cookie were “champions again”! He thanked the entire management, the employees, the head coach and all his business partners.

Magic Johnson has the ball in his court

His business ventures have consistently proven to be sound decisions. The Hall of Famer has worked tirelessly to ensure his investments carry his name. Its portfolio is diversified across different areas and businesses. But one thing remains unique: sport.

He once had shares in the Los Angeles Lakers, but he sold his minority stake in 2010. Although he’s reportedly made millions from it, fans are hoping he can re-work his magic by being an owner again.


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His ability to score points with dominance and grace on the court earned him the nickname “Magic.” The NBA world can say the same about the winning streak he’s had with his businesses.

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