Far-right or centrist teenagers? | Mario Lagos

SEx sells, right wing politics doesn’t. Organic believers advertise themselves as “gender critical”. Critical? We are not the critics you are. There are ‘lockdown skeptics’ whose name, apart from sounding like a company that secures septic tanks, concedes that novel lockdowns have been common sense from the start. How about Trumpers or Groypers? Names that fit salacious 1970s comedy characters who let off wind and get handy. Then there are TERFS, TradCaths, SocCons, RawEggers, Reactionary Feminists, and Retvrners.

Aside from hating each other, what these groups have in common is that they can (with a thousand caveats) be rolled into “dissident rights.” The thoroughly proud dissident wears the brand with joy – he sees himself as a right-wing Leninist, Gigachad, intellectual. But the world above ground envisions a basement-flat Yu-Gi-Oh fan who has a lifetime membership in the Flat Earth Society. It’s not sexy. Between Brexiteers, TradCons, Ukippers and all the others, we’ve never had a good name – until now: the Sensible Centrists.

That’s right, while you suffered under the illusion of being a far-right dissident, you were actually a centrist. We have been tricked into believing our views are radical by a top-down coup that stretches from Hollywood to the humanities. Centers of cultural power have maliciously shifted the terms of discourse far to the left. Backed by the Quango power and the Blair machine, this powerful coalition has successfully narrowed the scope of acceptable opinion on any issue to either the left or the extreme left. By booting the Overton Window so far, they have managed to formulate sensible positions as dissidents – so much so that we centrists have been tempted to actualize ourselves according to the grammar of our enemies.

An invasion of communist body thieves

Fortunately, the veil has now been lifted. The realization that our feet are firmly in the middle has spread throughout the Twittersphere and will, I predict, spread down into civil society at large. Prominent centrist Carl Benjamin, also known by the nickname Sargon of Akkad, outlined his conception of rational centrism, which includes promoting family values ​​and reintroducing the death penalty for serious crimes. The expert Connor Tomlinson has described the new center as an “alternative to the biology-denying, anti-natalist, socialist extremists now present everywhere – from the UN to Parliament to seats in the M25”.

Peter Whittle’s New Cultural Forum Tweeted that “we advocate reasonable centrism, which means that we agree with the average view of all voters”. Elon Musk has signaled his intention to vote for “reasonable centrist” Ron DeSantis in 2024 Guardian Labeled the Florida governor as “far right,” the accuracy of Musk’s characterization is confirmed by Ron’s re-election with 59% of the vote.

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To illustrate how reasonable our attitude is compared to our opponents, let’s consider some examples.


Radical left: NHS should genital mutilate children and adults

Left: The NHS should only mutilate the genitals of consenting adults.

Sensible Centre: Female genital mutilation should be banned.


Radical Left: We should offer illegal immigrants fast-track service to a British hotel.

Left: We should accommodate everyone arriving on the British coast in a hotel.

Sensitive Center: We should control our border.


Radical Left: British and European values ​​are irrevocably evil and should be replaced.

Left: British and European values ​​are tolerance and multiculturalism, and squats are patriotic.

Sensible Centre: The world owes Britain a debt of gratitude for exporting the industrial revolution.

As we can see, we are at the center of all important issues and our opponents are on the radical fringes. At the heart of their deception was wearing the skin of our beloved institutions, like an invasion of communist body thieves. When the BBC uncritically promotes San Francisco’s radical theories of race and gender – it does so on our behalf, and by presenting it in the guise of something trustworthy and British, it normalizes it. When the England team takes center stage on OneLove armbands, squats and equality, we feel bad for bothering to take care of football. Even the British flag has been co-opted to represent something antithetical to Britishness, so Keir Starmer can play with the Tories ‘My flag is bigger than yours’ and provoke only the grumbling of the most militant Trotskyists.

It was a clever deception, but now it’s time to look past the smoke and mirrors. If we see clearly we can understand that Labor is the radical left and Tory is the left. Take polls on migration – YouGov regularly asks if “Brits think immigration has been too high or too low over the last 10 years?”. Their most recent report shows that 59% agree immigration was too high — there’s that DeSantis number again — and just 13% think it was too low. 77% of us consider illegal migration a serious problem – and this is the 2019 figure – with 62% agreeing that illegal migrants should be sent back to France. 71% say mass migration has divided Britain and 64% say too many migrants are not conforming to British customs.

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These views are, of course, true, supported by the great majority – in many cases supermajorities – and are as natural as they are reasonable. But Radio 4 or Politics Live would not allow a guest to say that immigration is too high, causing division and that illegals should be deported – uninterrupted by the hysterical shouting of the far-left panelists and moderators. Whether the sane centrist succeeds in getting his point across is irrelevant – the five clamoring leftists, touted as moderate, have cabled audiences that centrist views are marginalized and dissident. This takes advantage of our primeval urge to be in with the tribe to deviate from a confrontation that could lead to ostracism and death in the original context. They trust that we will heed the words of our tribal elder, Aunt Beeb, like victims of an extended Milgram experiment.

We must be vigilant not to be swept away by the raging currents of rolling news and social media. Looking back, we can see how quickly positions that everyone believed were in the sensible middle were reconfigured as dangerous by the mainstream. For example, take the following quote:

“The vast majority of Britons are not racist. It is in their nature to be moderate. But they expect the government to respond to their concerns. You can accept controlled and selective migration. They accept and welcome migrants who play by the rules. But they will not accept abuse or absurdity, and why should they?”

That was William Hague speaks Tony Blair speaking in 2004.

How about:

“Marriage is between a man and a woman and states must respect that. No one broke this law, there was no challenge to this law. Why do we need a constitutional amendment? Marriage is between a man and a woman.”

words there from George Wallace in 1966 No, just checked, it was Joe Biden in 2006.

“We cannot be prevented, inside or outside the EU, from taking the necessary steps to develop and invest in innovative industries and local businesses, to stop the wave of privatization and outsourcing, or prevent employers from importing cheap agency workers to undercut existing pay and conditions in the name of free-market orthodoxy.”

Tom Robinson Jeremy Corbyn, 2017.

“It doesn’t make sense to me to bring hundreds of thousands of these workers into this country to work for minimum wage and compete with American children.”

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Nick Fuentes Bernie Sanders, 2013

Prior to 2015, Twitter refused to mediate between disputes on its platform, advising users to only report illegal content. Since then, it has blocked tens of thousands of accounts for expressing sane centrist views and enshrined far-left views in its terms of service, such as prohibiting so-called misgendering. Similarly, Facebook acted as a forum for open discussion until Nick Clegg was tasked with censoring the sane center and launching a widespread purge of boomers unfamiliar with the latest pronouns.

We are the sane centrists – call yourself one.

Hollywood, once ruled by the Hays Code that banned “discussion of sexual perversity,” now routinely boasts about its promotion of strange romance to the top of his films, even in children’s program. The BBC has evolved from a trusted news source into an endless open mic night for outspoken communists and anti-white supremacists. The far left’s social policies have merged with extreme economic doctrines to forge awakened capital – backed by NGOs, governments and quangos, its mandate is to normalize the abnormal, exploit the nation and pariah its opponents. We must not forget that they are the extremists, not us.

If, like me, you believe in borders and biology, in self-determination and sovereignty, in rights and duties – then you may have suffered from the mistaken belief that you are somehow different. This understanding does our moderate views a disservice, losing the war of position faster than a skeptic is routed by a scientist. It confuses our peers as profoundly as gender critical feminists confuse earthly audiences. We should reiterate former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard – an upstanding moderate – who denounced her former party as a champion of anti-white racism, driven by cowardly vigilance, ruled by an elite cabal. This criticism is as strong in our own Tory party as it is in the US.

When Conservative MP Jamie Wallis crashed his car and fled the scene illegally in high heels and a miniskirt, his party praised his courage. The tendency to condone, or at worst support, illegal behavior extends to illegal migration, gender reassignment and anti-British hatred. In any case, they are being bent into radical vigilance by the cabal of body thieves who wear the skin of our institutions. Their position is the extreme, not ours, we are the reasonable centrists – call yourself one.

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