Former NFL player motivates Lone Star College high school seniors to graduate

HOUSTON, TX – Lone Star College is one of the top associate degree producers in the US. Today it also offers four bachelor’s degree programs for students who are interested in a bachelor’s degree close to where they live.

“The Baccalaureate programs extend Lone Star College’s commitment to providing quality academic and workplace programs while ensuring students meet the needs of industry,” said Stephen C. Head, Ph.D., LSC Chancellor.

LSC hosted a Bachelor’s Degree Holiday Retention and Recruitment event on December 16th at LSC-University Park. Devon Still, former NFL defensive end and current speaker and instructor in positive psychology at Penn State University, spoke to the participants and encouraged them to complete their baccalaureate programs despite challenges they may face. Still earned a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Houston-Downtown after playing for the Houston Texans in 2016.

“Your character determines what you are willing to go through to achieve your goal,” Still said. “Storms won’t last forever; endure them. Good times won’t last forever; enjoy it. Education provides individuals with the knowledge and skills to live a successful life. Without them there is no progress, either individually or collectively.”

Prior to the event, Asma Mirza, co-founder and CEO of Steradian Technologies, encouraged students to build strong networking relationships with their professors and find opportunities to develop innovative ideas in their chosen industry. Mirza said her bachelor’s and master’s degrees led her to found Steradian, a Houston-area deep-tech healthcare startup developing a novel method of detecting respiratory infections in 30 seconds for the price of a latte.

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“It’s important for students to understand that earning a bachelor’s degree and forming solid networking groups can lead them to create their own jobs and excel in their careers,” Mirza said. “Getting a bachelor’s degree can be her big step in becoming great.”

At the Bachelor’s Degree Holiday Retention and Recruitment event, Jose R. Lopez said LSC is a business choice to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Energy, Manufacturing and Commercial Management. He will graduate in May 2023. Lopez has been a machinist and quality inspector in the energy and manufacturing industries for 30 years. Previously, he earned an Associate of Arts degree and an Associate of Applied Science degree from LSC-CyFair.

“During the pandemic, I was fired, but I didn’t want to put my education on hold,” Lopez said. “I was planning on going to the University of Houston, but during my research I found out that Lone Star College offered a cheaper degree. It was a good deal that I couldn’t pass up.”

Nathaniel Littlepage, a student in the Bachelor of Applied Technology in Cybersecurity program, felt that LSC was the only educational institution in the region that could offer him the next step in his desired field.

“I got an associate degree in CISCO networking, but I didn’t have room for it,” Littlepage said. “Lone Star College’s bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity is the only program on-site, and I’ve learned many skills, like coding and threat analysis, that will prepare me for a forensic career in law enforcement.”

LSC is the only community college in the state to introduce four bachelor’s degrees in Nursing, Cybersecurity, Emergency Management, and Energy, Manufacturing, and Commercial Management. These programs were recognized for several promising practices in the 2022 e-book published by the Community College Baccalaureate Association.

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“Lone Star College offers bachelor’s degrees in a variety of fields that focus on industries critical to the local and regional economies where community college students live and work,” said Dalia Sherif, Ph.D., LSC-University Center at The Woodlands Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Partnerships. “Additionally, students can earn their bachelor’s degree for the same tuition as an associate’s degree, saving thousands of dollars.”

Visit to learn more about Lone Star College’s baccalaureate programs.

Lone Star College enrolls over 80,000 students each semester and provides high quality, affordable academic transfer and career education. Educating tomorrow’s workforce today, LSC is redefining the community college experience to support student success. Stephen C. Head, Ph.D., serves as Chancellor of LSC, the largest college in the Houston area, and was named #35 in Texas by the Chronicle of Higher Education as a 2022 Great Colleges to Work For® Institution in the Forbes Named America’s Best Employers By State and recognized as one of this year’s Best Places to Work in Texas™ by Fortune Magazine and Great Place To Work®. LSC consists of eight colleges, seven centers, eight Workforce Centers of Excellence and the Lone Star Corporate College. To learn more, visit

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