Growth Opportunities in Enablers and Applications of Synthetic Biology, Microbiome Therapeutics, Exosome-Based Drug Delivery –

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This edition of the Life Science, Health & Wellness Technology Opportunity Engine (TOE) focuses on advances in high-throughput enzymatic DNA synthesis technologies used in numerous life science and healthcare applications. The applications of gene circuits in drug discovery and therapeutics development have also been captured with innovations highlighting the use of genetically engineered stem cells for drug discovery and programmable cell and gene therapies, among others. Genetically engineered synthetic cells, microbes for antibiotic production, and cell-free biosensors for environmental applications are some of the other Synbio-related innovations covered in this issue.

The TOE Life Science, Health & Wellness will showcase breakthrough technological advances in the global life sciences industry. Technologies and innovations profiled include developments in genetic engineering, drug discovery and development, biomarkers, tissue engineering, synthetic biology, microbiome, disease management, and health and wellness, among others.

The Health & Wellness cluster tracks developments in a variety of areas including genetic engineering, regenerative medicine, drug discovery and development, nanomedicine, nutrition, cosmetic procedures, pain and disease management and therapies, drug delivery, personalized medicine and intelligent healthcare.

Main topics covered:

Innovations in synthetic biology and applications, microbiome therapeutics, exosome-based drug delivery

  • Surface presentation of RNA nanoparticles on exosomes for targeted siRNA delivery

  • ExonanoRNA’s value proposition

  • ExonanoRNA – Investor Dashboard

  • Optically reversible protein encapsulation in exosomes to control loading and target inaccessible proteins

  • Performance promise from ILIAS

  • ILIAS – Investor Dashboard

  • Automated, scalable fabrication for in silico engineered targeted exosomes

  • The value proposition of Mantra Bio

  • Mantra Bio – Investor Dashboard

  • Pharmacological chaperones and protein stabilizing therapeutics targeting protein misfolding disorders

  • Value proposition from Protego Biopharma

  • Protego Biopharma – Investor Dashboard

  • Improved glycoprotein purification and analysis using recombinant prokaryotic lectins

  • The performance promise of GlycoSeLect

  • GlycoSeLect – Investor Dashboard

  • Actinomycete engineering technology for the development of antibiotics with required bioactivity

  • The Fermalogic value proposition

  • Fermalogic – Investor Dashboard

  • Tumor Microenvironment Detection Targeted CAR-T cell therapies with reduced side effects

  • Refuge Biotechnologies Value Proposition

  • Refuge Biotechnologies – Investor Dashboard

  • Engineered synthetic cells with embedded circuits to find utility in biomedical applications

  • The performance promise of Synlife

  • Synlife – Investor Dashboard

  • De novo enzymatic synthesis and gene assembly technology for the precise synthesis of complex DNA

  • High fidelity enzymatic DNA synthesis

  • Camena Bioscience – Investor Dashboard

  • Electrochemical array to assess dysbiosis of metabolites to restore gut health

  • High-quality individualized nutritional supplements from Ixcela

  • Ixcela – Investor Dashboard

  • Gene circuit guided precision antimicrobials and in vivo editing of microbiomes

  • Eligo Biosciences Precise Antibacterial Platform

  • Eligo Bioscience – Investor Dashboard

  • Portable cell-free biosensors for rapid detection of water contamination

  • 3D printed handheld water quality testing device

  • Stemloop, Inc. – Investor Dashboard

  • Bacteriophage based skin solutions against acne and skin irritations

  • Effective and targeted serum for skin care

  • Ellis Day Skin Science – Investor Dashboard

  • Lab-on-chip based portable DNA and protein synthesis platform

  • Accessing Biomolecules with Desktop Bioprinter

  • Nuclera Nucleics Ltd – Investor Dashboard

  • Accurate and cost-effective ultra-long synthetic DNA synthesis for multiple applications

  • Molecular Assemblies – Investor Dashboard

  • Automation of the long and ultra-long DNA printing process

  • Shelf stable precision synthetic cells for drug discovery and diagnostic applications

  • Calibration and standardization technology from Slingshot Biosciences

  • Slingshot Biosciences – Investor Dashboard

  • Scalable and precise cell reprogramming platform using gene circuitry for drug discovery and modeling of disease pathogenesis

  • performance promise of

  • – Investor Dashboard

  • Promoter-free gene circuits for identifying and killing tumor cells using targeted antibodies

  • Southern Medical University Value Proposition

  • important contacts

  • Appendix

  • Criteria for evaluating innovations – explanation

  • Disclaimer

companies mentioned


  • Camena Bioscience

  • Eligo Bioscience

  • Ellis Day Skin Science

  • exonanoRNA

  • fermalogic

  • GlycoSeLect


  • Ixcela

  • Mantra Bio

  • Molecular Arrangements

  • Nuclera Nucleics Ltd

  • Protego Biopharma

  • Refuge Biotechnologies

  • Sling Life Sciences

  • Stemloop, Inc.

  • Synlife

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