How To Check A Car’s Accident History In The United States?

Attention used car buyers! If you expect 100% honesty from the seller, expect that you will hardly get it.

No owner likes to disclose that the car they are trying to sell was involved in a serious accident. This disclosure reduces the market value of the car. They enlist the help of local mechanics, fix the damage and sell the car as if nothing ever happened to it.

But as a buyer, you need to do a VIN search and find out the accident history of the car. If you end up buying a vehicle that has been involved in an accident, your misery will never end.

Why? Ready to post to learn more about it.

Why is it important to check the car’s accident history?

Suppose a car is involved in an accident and a Mercedes VIN check shows the same thing. There will be two aspects to this:

The first is the structural damage to it.

Depending on the severity of the accident, there can be extreme damage to the exterior and interior. Even if they are repaired, the car will not be what it used to be. If some parts are badly damaged, the mechanic will even replace them. Very few owners will resort to original parts in this situation as they are very expensive.

So you will install fake or duplicate parts. All in all, an accident can result in a car becoming hollow on the inside. If you do not know the car’s accident history, you cannot judge whether the parts are original or the structure is robust.

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The owner will hide this fact in order to get a good deal. You will end up buying lemons if you don’t check the car’s accident history.

The next aspect of a car accident is the legality involved.

The car may have pending insurance or may not be allowed on the road until the dispute is resolved. A large fine could be imposed on him.

Although all of these things are directly related to the owners of the car, it is the car number that is tracked when the car is on the road. Driving such a car is nothing but a huge expense.

Why get into such a mess when you can prevent it? Yes, you can stop standing in the way of a car owner trying to get rid of a problem car by checking the accident history. Even if the owner isn’t telling the truth, a quick search for the VIN will suffice.

VIN Check – the easiest way to find accident history

VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is the easiest way to check a car’s accident history. It will help you find out the entire history of a car. For example:

  • Construction year
  • origin of the car
  • engine type
  • serial number
  • model number
  • structural damage
  • parts change
  • Engine serial number

With such detailed information, the car owner will rarely manage to deceive you. The best thing about a VIN check is that you can do it yourself. You don’t need professional help. Each car is assigned a chassis number at the time of manufacture.

Most often it is mentioned on the car dashboard. But you can also find it on the windshield, under the driver’s seat and on the engine.

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Pay attention to these places and you will surely find the VIN number. Once you have the VIN, use the help of a VIN decoder for a quick Mercedes VIN check. Even if you can decode the VIN manually, it can be buggy and take a lot of time. Besides, you will only decrypt it. Accident history is only possible if you have the full VIN report, which can only be obtained with the help of a VIN decoder. So you should get help.

Many free VIN decoders such as VinPit, ClearVIN, CarVertical, etc. are reliable. However, we prefer VinPit because its VIN database is very extensive and provides fast and accurate results. The VIN report you receive is also detailed. It’s a free service.

alarm alert!

We strongly recommend that you do not enter into a used car deal if you find a VIN that has been tampered with, scratched or tampered with. It means the car is nothing but trouble on four wheels.

Be an informed buyer

As a used car buyer, you need to keep your senses alert so you don’t get a worse deal in your life. Always do a VIN check. It won’t take too much time. Make sure you only take the help of a trusted VIN decoder so you can get reliable results.

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