Is Social Justice Killing Science? Why we need to define “truth”.

The mission of scientific discovery, Johannes Kepler believed, was to “think God’s mind after Him.” Even for scientists who were skeptical about the supernatural, the task of science, at least for a long time, was to discover the truth. As a fictional scientist at Jules Verne A journey to the center of the earth put it “Science, my boy, is made up of mistakes, but they are useful…because little by little they lead to the truth.”

Today, however, the quest for truth in science is increasingly being overshadowed by the tyranny of political correctness, and some frustrated scientists are weeping badly. Indeed, in early November, over 150 professors and scholars gathered at Stanford University to discuss the growing threat to scientific entrepreneurship and academic freedom.

Among the speakers was Luana Maroja, Professor of Biology at Williams College, who gave a disturbing presentation about how progressive ideology is strangling their discipline. DR Maroja, a frequent proponent of the theory of evolution, has long called Darwin’s critics “creationists” who prioritize religion over science. Today, however, she is more concerned about the threat to science posed by another religion, the “awakened” left. In her presentation, she cited the growing number of Biology 101 classes that teach students that sexes (not just gender) exist on a “continuum.” She pointed to statements by several schools, and even the Society for the Study of Evolution, blurring the distinction between male and female, which she said is a “fundamental finding” of biology.

dr Maroja cited published papers urging biologists to be “inclusive” by only talking about organisms that show that at least difference between the sexes, even “if that is not relevant any Animal or vascular plant.” She even described efforts to restrict access to population genetic data for fear that such data could be used to promote discrimination.

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In other words, it is taught to biologists and other scientists to ignore or become denied Plenty of evidence simply because that evidence could threaten politically favored ideologies. according to dr Maroja has become “taboo” about “noting any differences between groups that are not explained by systemic bias”. Put another way, the drive to obfuscate the truth about sex and keep population genetics under wraps is a result of the belief that humans (and perhaps animals) are blank slates on which society is enforcing roles and identities, and no data to the contrary should be available be allowed to do so.

Sadly, this very unscientific approach to science becomes a constant theme. Remember the recent announcement by the peer-reviewed scientific journal nature of human behavior that they are now filtering submissions based on how well they promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Scholars like Lawrence Krauss, also not a friend of religious conservatives, rightly complained that such demands subjugate science to politics.

The Stanford meeting could be a new high for the anti-‘Wake’ backlash among scientists. like dr Maroja concluded at the gathering, when science “becomes an extension of ideology,” it is no longer about “the pursuit of knowledge and truth.” Put simply, it ceases to be science.

There’s of course other ideologically motivated problems with the scientific establishment that go far beyond the censorship of social justice. Scientists are fallible, and the worship of science as the source of ultimate knowledge and meaning is itself called the corruption of science scientific. Despite this, the growing number of scientists are complaining that their institutions, sponsors, publishers and even colleagues are now more interested in reaching them approved conclusions as verifiable those is insightful. This kind of censorship is not only dangerous: it underlines the impossibility of a value-neutral academy.

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In Jules Verne’s rosy tale, scientists fearlessly seek the truth and follow evidence wherever it leads. As authors such as Stephen Meyer, Glen Scrivenerand Rodney Stark have emphasized, this search for objective truth is itself a feature of a worldview historically characteristic of the West and of Christianity. As all three authors argue, it is no coincidence that modern science was born in Christianity and nowhere else.

In sharp contrast, postmodern ideologies subjectify facts, see power games behind every claim to truth, and thereby undermine science. Old-fashioned scientific atheists may poke fun at social justice campaigners who want evidence to bend to their feelings but can’t explain why evidence should Matter when the world is nothing but matter. There is no way to explain why reality is understandable or truth attainable when, As CS Lewis put it, thoughts are nothing more than the “flow of atoms” in the brains of scientists.

We should all agree that the mission of science is to seek the truth about our world, but that requires a working definition of “truth.” If scientists cannot provide this definition, the very unscientific requirements of political correctness will continue to complicate their work.

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