It’s not too late to take a fall class at Lone Star College

HOUSTON, TX – Lone Star College offers a variety of programs and courses designed to meet student needs.

Students who need to take a crash course before the end of the fall semester can register now for the second eight-week session of LSC, which runs October 26 through December. 18. This accelerated option still allows students to study the same material and earn full credits as if they had attended a traditional 16-week course.

“This shorter tenure gives students with limited time the opportunity to earn a college education,” said Dwight Smith, Ed.D., LSC Vice Chancellor Academic and Workforce Success. “It’s never too late to get a college education, and we have many tools and resources to help you succeed.”

LSC’s mission is to provide comprehensive educational opportunities and programs that enrich life. In addition, the college acts as a bridge for students who need a fresh start. LSC CyFair student Eric Rivas said his college experience matured him and set him on a successful path to a bright future.

“From an uninspired kid just riding through life to an ambitious student dreaming of success, Lone Star College changed the course not only of my academic career but of my life,” said Rivas. “Lone Star College saved my ambition in and out of the classroom and helped me see a future I couldn’t see for myself.”

LSC’s second eight-week courses are available in person, online, or hybrid at all LSC locations and centers. They fit many academic and professional goals toward certifications, associate degrees, changing universities, or gainful employment in the workforce. See for more information.

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Lone Star College enrolls over 80,000 students each semester and provides high quality, affordable academic transfer and career education. Educating tomorrow’s workforce today, LSC is redefining the community college experience to support student success. Stephen C. Head, Ph.D., serves as Chancellor of LSC, the largest college in the Houston area, and was named #35 in Texas by the Chronicle of Higher Education as a 2022 Great Colleges to Work For® Institution in the Forbes Named America’s Best Employers By State and recognized as one of this year’s Best Places to Work in Texas™ by Fortune Magazine and Great Place To Work®. LSC consists of eight colleges, seven centers, eight Workforce Centers of Excellence and the Lone Star Corporate College. To learn more, visit

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