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A day after Nora Fatehi filed a defamation lawsuit against fellow actress Jacqueline Fernandez, her lawyer has commented on the case. Nora and Jacqueline have both been questioned by the Enforcement Directorate in connection with a in recent months 200-crore extortion case involving imposter Sukesh Chandrasekhar. Jacqueline is also a co-defendant in the case. Also read: Nora Fatehi files defamation lawsuit against Jacqueline Fernandez

Nora’s lawsuit targets Jacqueline and some media organizations for allegedly “trying to tarnish their reputation” and causing job losses in the industry. However, Jacqueline’s lawyer said that his client has never said anything publicly about Nora Fatehi and therefore the question of defamation does not arise.

In an interview with ETimes, attorney Prashant Patil said: “Jacqueline has not testified against Nora or any other person in any electronic or printed media. She deliberately avoided discussing the Enforcement Directorate’s process. To date, she has upheld the sanctity of the law, and because it is a matter of lower jurisdiction, she has always avoided speaking in front of print media and social media. However, we have not received an official copy of the lawsuit filed by Nora. As soon as we receive official confirmation or a decision from the Court of Honor, we will legally respond to it.”

The attorney added that while Jacqueline has “the utmost respect” for Nora, if she is drawn into a judicial proceeding, she will “act to protect her dignity.” “My client has the greatest respect for Nora. There was definitely some kind of misunderstanding. To cite a person’s response that is filed with a judicial authority is a matter of purely judicial proceeding. Any statement made in the course of arguments before a trial cannot be publicly quoted as it has now been quoted. My client has no intention of defaming Nora or anyone else. If Jacqueline is dragged before a court, she will respond legally to protect her own dignity,” he added.

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In her defamation lawsuit, filed in a Delhi court on Monday, Nora said: “It has become apparent that the above competitors, unable to compete fairly with the complainant in the industry, have begun damaging her reputation, which would result in her losing her job.” Jacqueline is listed as “Defendant 1” in the lawsuit.

Both Nora and Jacqueline have been interrogated by the ED multiple times in connection with the racket operated by Sukesh Chandrasekhar. The scammer allegedly carried out the fraud and extortion racket in connivance with prison officials and some staff outside. While ED’s supplemental indictment named Jacqueline as a defendant, Nora was also interrogated on multiple occasions.

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