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KAD becomes a local celebrity, Smith gets first NBA game action/points

Kris Abrams-Draine is the most talked about man in Mizzou football

Have you seen the amazing show Abbott Elementary yet? The ABC sitcom, now in its second season, stars actor Tyler James Williams who plays Gregory, a somewhat…neurotic Philadelphia public school teacher. Also, did you know that he’s the same actor who played young Chris Rock on Everybody Hates Chris, another great show that aired on the CW in the early 2000s?

Anyway, I have a reason for writing the paragraph above, friends. Matt Stahl’s article in the Trib, titled “Everybody loves Kris”: Mizzou Football’s Abrams-Draine Pulls NFL Draft Hype at Cornerback, reminded me of this actor (and these shows). But it’s also a really good article. Let’s dive in and learn a little more about Kris Abrams-Draine, who was also the focus of Parker’s feature column for this site this week.

You probably remember playing in the Vanderbilt game. KAD’s childhood soccer coach certainly does. The one where – and Stahl prepares this beautifully – WR Will Sheppard carves downfield to score safely, which would draw the ‘Dores within a touchdown. But Kris Abrams-Draine passed and stopped the score. When asked about the track and to describe Kris’ speed at the moment, he said:

“You know how you might gain speed when you’re running away from someone because you feel the dogs behind you? That’s what Kris is like when he feels like he’s being hit,” said Abrams-Draines former youth football coach Drew Thomas. “He felt like the dog was behind him.”

And when asked about Kris’ move from wide receiver to defensive back and how much progress he’s made in a short period of time, Thomas is unimpressed:

“I mean it in the most humiliating way, but no, I’m not at all surprised at what Kris did,” Thomas said. “Because he’s not just a home run, a quiet kid on the field, off the field, everyone likes Kris in this town (Mobile). everyone likes him I’ve never heard a kid say they don’t like Kris.”

So it’s true, Tiger fans. Everyone LIKES Kris. Read Stahl’s article now; I left a lot out. And while you’re at it, read Parker’s as well.

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DRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Smith makes his NBA regular-season debut…

AND SUCCESSED. Our type Dru made his NBA regular-season debut Wednesday night in the Miami Heat’s big win over Portland, 119-98. Despite the fact that I didn’t realize this until my dad texted me about it this afternoon (I was busy at WBB last night!!),

Did he have a lot of playing time? no Did I expect that? no Was I expecting to open the ESPN app and see a DNP coach decision with his name on it? Yes. And do I often check Heat’s IG account for Dru sightings like this one? Daily.

But whatever, it happened! He played 6 minutes and scored two points on 1-3 shooting (0-2 from three) to go with a rebound, an assist and a foul. However, Thursday was back to normal as neither Dru nor the other rookies got a chance to play in last night’s blowout loss to Golden State (110-123).

Honestly, after Dru’s injury last year, we’re lucky he’s playing at all, let alone getting a two-way contract. A few months ago he just wanted to take one step without feeling pain. According to Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald,

“I think the plan was always to keep playing,” Smith told the Miami Herald when asked if he ever considered retiring from the sport during the rehab process. “There were definitely days when I was like, ‘Man, this is tough.’ Because I’m back home, it’s just hard to see the end of rehab and all that stuff down the road. So there were definitely some tough days. But I think I always knew I would come back and play.”

“I think it’s a step in the right direction,” Smith said of his two-way deal ahead of the Heat’s matchup against the Boston Celtics Friday night at FTX Arena. “Just the fact that I’m making progress and improving. I think that’s what it represents more than anything else. Only now the work I put in is paying off.”

It’s a great story about one of my favorites, so READ IT.

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Good luck to our Men’s Hoops team, who will be in Chicago this weekend for CBB’s most sinister “secret” scrimmage against Marquette.


  • Ben Portnoy from the state (that last name gives me goosebumps) co-hosted a twitter section with my dear Columbia Tribune friends Matt Stahl and Chris Kwiecinski about Saturday’s Mizzou vs. South Carolina game. Listen to it!


  • Relive the fun of Thursday’s exhibition victory over the state of Northwest Missouri.

This is Kobe, Ben, Tre, Nick, Kaleb & Lil DRF
I (Karin)

Other Mizzou sports

  • volleyball will host the Georgia Bulldogs this weekend. The first serve on Friday and Saturday is scheduled for 1 p.m. Both Friday and Saturday’s fight will be broadcast on SECN+. According to MUTigers.com, Mizzou leads the all-time streak against Georgia 10-7, but the Tigers conceded both games against her away from home last fall.
  • wrestling has some updates, courtesy of Rock M’s own James Hackney/Missouri Wrestling. Check out this one toowho talks about another addition to a Mizzou tournament:
  • Soccer fell 2-0 to no. 14. South Carolina on Thursday evening. Unfortunately, with that loss, the Tigers were eliminated from the postseason game. The game was scoreless in the first half, but South Carolina took the lead in the 50th minute and conceded with another goal just 4 minutes later. The Tigers, according to MUTigers.com, almost got one back when Milena Fischer almost got a header but failed to score.
  • gymnastics: Finally!!!!!! Some shareable video content
  • cross country will compete in the SEC Cross Country Championships today in Oxford, Mississippi. The event will be streamed live on ESPN+. (More info on MUTigers.com)
  • women golf is playing in their last fall tournament this weekend (it starts today) and it’s in a tropical, beautiful, sooooo not like Colombia, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. According to MUTigers.com, Battle at the Beach 2022 will be a three-day tournament, with 18 holes played each day with a shotgun start. The event will be a no-brainer, and 10 of the 17 participating schools are in Golfstat.com’s top 50 (Houston, Clemson, TCU, Kansas), including 6 in the top 20 (Arkansas, Vandy, LSU, Baylor) and 2 in the Top 10 (Ole Miss, MS State).


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