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KRISHNAGIRI: A 44-year-old lawyer from Dharmapuri district was found dead in his car near Melumalai in Krishnagiri Monday night. According to police, the deceased, S. Sivakumar, 44, from Aalamarathupatti near Karimangalam, was a lawyer in Dharmapuri district. On Monday afternoon, two people approached Sivakumar near Dharmapuri court, allegedly asking for his help in releasing their vehicle, which had been impounded by Guubarapalli police for smuggling Gukta.

“They both rode in a car with the attorney and two junior attorneys, Arul and Gokulakannan. They stopped at a tea shop near the Krishnagiri toll booth, whereupon the two told Sivakumar that one of their relatives had the vehicles’ documents and asked him to go to the relative’s house. Sivakumar instructed the junior lawyers to stay near the store and left with the two suspects,” police said.

When Sivakumar did not return until 6:00 p.m., the junior lawyers tried to call him but his cell phone was off, after which they informed his family. Meanwhile, an NHAI patrol car found an abandoned car near Melumalai and informed Gurubarapalli Police, who reached the site and found Sivakumar dead inside. Sivakumar’s wife Vanitha filed a complaint with the Gurubarapalli Police and they are making inquiries.

Sivakumar’s relatives and colleagues organized a Road Roko protest on the Chennai-Bengaluru National Road in front of the Government Krishnagiri Medical College Hospital, where his body was sent for an autopsy.

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