Lawyer of actor Dileep welcomes SC order on dismissing survivor’s plea to change trial court

Kochi: Well-known criminal defense attorney B. Raman Pillai, who is acting for actor Dileep, who is charged in the case of the sensational 2017 assault on the actress, on Friday hailed the Supreme Court Order Dismissing Survivor’s Claim in the case where an attempt is made to transfer the proceedings to another court of lower instance.

In response to the top court’s order, Pillai said the request to refer the case to another lower court was an attempt to further delay the case’s trial.

In her pleading, the survivor claimed that Dileep, the eighth defendant in the case, had close ties to the trial judge and her husband.

The Supreme Court today dismissed the lawsuit, noting that the Kerala Supreme Court had already ruled on the issue of bias in its judgment.

“This was just an attempt to delay the process in this case. This matter has already been decided by the Kerala High Court,” Pillai told PTI.

Meanwhile, a prosecutor linked to the case told PTI that they accept the Supreme Court’s order.

“We accept the order of the court. After the additional charges were recently filed, the trial court reviewed the prosecution’s arguments,” the attorney said.

The survivor had appealed to the Supreme Court after the Supreme Court dismissed her case on the matter.

The Supreme Court dismissed the petitioner’s allegations and in its decision of 22 September stated that it firmly believed that her fears that a fair trial could be jeopardized were unfounded.

“Perhaps the frequent discussions and debates that have been and are being conducted by various news channels in relation to this case over several days and months have created some misperceptions about the process of the case and appear to have affected the general public, including the petitioner” , the Supreme Court ruled.

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“While I note that this petition was submitted by the petitioner in good faith, I have every reason to believe that she is a victim of such misperceptions and slander created by the media,” it had said.

The petitioner had argued that unless the lower court was changed, she would not receive justice and that the trial would not be fair.

Incidentally, in 2018, at the request of the survivors, the Supreme Court set up a special court with a female judge for the trial that began in 2020.

The survivor also claimed in her pleading that there had been several instances in which the special prosecutor could not proceed with the trial and that there had been repeated and persistent attempts by Dileep to influence and intimidate the witnesses.

She had said that when the judge was transferred from a particular court as the chief sitting judge, the case was also referred to her court, claiming that the case’s transfer by administrative order was unlawful.

The survivor, an actress who has worked in Tamil and Telugu films, was allegedly abducted and molested for two hours in her car by the defendants, who entered the vehicle on the night of February 17, 2017 and later escaped in an animated manner Area.

According to the prosecutor, the entire act was filmed by the accused in order to blackmail the actress. There are 10 defendants in this case.

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