Learnbay launched a full-stack software development course to bridge the gap between supply and demand

Learnbay has launched a full-stack software development program to get youngsters job-ready

Learnbay, a startup offering cutting-edge technical upskilling and reskilling programs, has launched a new full-stack software development program to ensure the availability of qualified talent in the technology industry. Based in Bangalore, the company aims to offer bespoke, domain-specific training modules and live projects to help its learners secure lucrative job opportunities in the market.

India is a hotspot for engineering students, producing 1.5 million engineering graduates each year. However, only a small percentage of them have a thorough understanding of full-stack software development. This has presented challenges for the country’s fast-growing startups and companies, which require developers with the necessary skills. Learnbay has already received applications from more than 8,000 students for this course. Enrollment is expected to increase as there are already over 25,000 full-stack software developer positions available and counting.

Learnbay built the whole module of full stack development program based on market needs. It also emphasizes hands-on training rather than a theoretical approach. MAANG professionals with over eight years of experience act as trainers for the program. The domain specialization feature of this course also allows working professionals to advance their careers by mastering real-time capstone projects in their respective domains.

Commenting on the launch of the course, Learnbay Founder and CEO Mr. Krishna Kumar said: “This course is available for 8 months during the week and 9 months during the weekend. Students can select the batches that best suit their needs. Each program participant receives a live, interactive session with a trained expert. In order to make them fit for the job, the course also includes targeted mock interviews. Because we have over 250 hiring partners, we can guarantee a 100% interview rate. Many students are contacted for interviews prior to course completion.”

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Recently, the company established Project Innovation Labs in more than 7 Indian cities ie Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore to offer university-like project experience with qualified project leaders. Students can complete their program modules and educational projects by visiting these hubs and participating in offline sessions there. Through these centers, students can work on industry-certified projects while collaborating with project mentors and other learners to gain hands-on experience. The Project Innovation Lab is part of its hybrid learning approach that helps students stay ahead of the competition in the job market. The main goal is to provide students with offline project training that includes real-time problem solving and live mentoring.

Learnbay intends to establish more specialized training centers across India in the future and increase the number of trainers in all locations. The mission is to remove all barriers to student learning and advancement.

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