Learner’s Park; Gaurav Goel of Toprankers on dynamics of India’s education system

Gaurav Goel, Co-Founder, CEO of Toprankers shares his views on the opportunities and challenges of the Indian education system with FE Education Online.

1. What is the best thing about today’s education system?

The education system has evolved over the years and digitization has played a fundamental role in this. Technological advances provided easy access to quality learning materials and informed students about in-demand courses and skills. Unlike in the past, students today are not only concentrating on natural sciences and technology. Career choices have changed drastically. In law, fashion design, journalism and architecture, students are now taking up these unconventional career paths and doing well in them. Most importantly, it has made the learning process more effective and engaging.

2. What would you like to change about the system?

Institutions and government organizations work closely together to ensure that every student has access to quality education. Whether it’s in terms of education policy or technology adoption, we’ve come a long way. We’ve seen some positive changes, but going digital is the best thing that’s ever happened in education. There is still room for improvement and we hope that in the coming period institutions will be able to take full advantage of the technology to make the learning and teaching process for students much easier.

3. What role has digitization played in the development of the education system?

Technology has always been a part of the education sector and the pandemic has only increased our dependence on it. It has become an indispensable part of the modern education system and has helped shape the academic path of students. It allows them to go their own way and learn at their own pace. Digital learning has expanded learning opportunities for students, and not just for students, it has also simplified the teaching process for teachers.

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4. What was the disadvantage of digitization in education?

It was only during the pandemic that the education system really adjusted to digitization. Both institutions and students had the opportunity to explore the diverse uses of technology and to incorporate it into their teaching and learning methods. There are still some unexplored areas where digital learning can help students perform better academically. The challenge is the wide digital divide. But I am confident that the Indian education system will minimize the gap going forward.

5. What career tips would you like to give students?

Students are often subject to parental and societal pressures when choosing a career and choose an area where their hearts and minds are at odds. My advice to the younger generation is to pick an area that they want to pursue and are passionate about.

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