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When can I apply for my Ls?

In Victoria, you must be at least 16 years old to get a learner’s permit, provided you also meet the admissions requirements. This includes having a Victorian residential address; be physically fit to drive; not currently subject to any licensing sanction from Fines Victoria; and have passed all relevant tests.

How do I apply for my learner’s permit?

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, which you can complete online at VicRoads, you can collect the Learning Permit online or in person.

The Learner Permit Test Online is an interactive 4-6 hour online course designed to provide you with the knowledge required to pass the test. From 15 August 2022, a Victorian’s first attempt at taking the online test will be free. After the first attempt, the online test costs $25.40.

To take the test in person, you must make an appointment at a VicRoads location. The appointment costs $19.60 while the test costs $25.40 ($45 total for each attempt).

How much does a learner’s permit cost?

After passing the test to acquire the learner driver’s license, you still have to acquire the driver’s license in order to officially be able to get behind the wheel as a learner driver. In Victoria, a new learner permit (whether for a car or motorcycle) typically costs $26.

However, from 15th August 2022 this permit issuance fee will be waived for new drivers under the Victorian Government’s Motorist Package and Safe Driver Discount.

What restrictions are there when driving your Ls?

Your learner’s permit is the first step in earning your full driver’s license and comes with certain rules and restrictions.

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In addition to all road traffic laws and regulations, you must also:

  • Always carry your learner driver’s license with you when you drive;
  • Have a supervised driver with you who must have a full and current driver’s license;
  • Make sure your L-plates are visible on both the front and rear of your vehicle from at least 20 meters away.
  • Always maintain a zero blood alcohol concentration (BAC) when driving
  • Do not tow a trailer, caravan or other vehicle.

What is the speed limit for learner drivers?

There is no set speed limit in Victoria when driving your Ls. Instead, you must always drive within the posted speed limit for the area you are in.

Can I take a passenger with me with my Ls?

VicRoads recommends that learner drivers have only their supervised driver with them while driving; It’s not illegal to have extra passengers on your Ls, however, as long as they don’t cause distractions.

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