LeBron James on who else could be in contention for NBA’s goal-scoring record: Kevin Durant ‘first thing that comes to mind’

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James is just one a few hundred points away from overtaking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. Once James hits that milestone (likely before the 2023 All-Star Game), the conversation will quickly turn to which players in the league might have a chance of one day matching or even surpassing James’ point production. When it comes to the subject, James has a few suspicions of his own.

“[Kevin Durant] is certainly the first one that comes to mind,” James told ESPN when asked about players who could eventually eclipse him on the scorer list. “His name is ‘Easy Money’ and ‘Slim Reaper’ for a reason. He does it so effortlessly. His ability to shoot the 3 ball, shoot the middle, get to the color and also shoot 85 to 90 percent from the free throw line. Those are the most important ingredients and the most important thing is to be available on the floor.”

“We have a lot of great goalscorers in our league [Durant] being one of them,” James added. “Kyrie, Luke [Doncic] is young [Joel] Embid, Giannis [Antetokounmpo]. These guys put numbers on the board, but you need a bit of luck. We all know that health is the most important thing not only in sport but in life in general. You have to be really lucky to be on the ground and still do it.”

You can see James’ comments on this topic below:

Durant is the most obvious answer here. He currently ranks 14th on all-time scoring with over 26,600 points, and at 34, he’s still one of the NBA’s top scorers when he’s on the court. As a player who relies heavily on his size and shooting shot to score points, Durant should be able to continue scoring with a high average even as he loses athleticism as he ages. It wouldn’t be at all shocking to see Durant at the top of the list when he finally decides to hang up his Nikes.

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The other players James has named – Doncic, Embiid, Irving and Antetokounmpo – are all elite scorers, but they all have a long way to go before they can be considered a real threat to the goalscoring crown, especially as James is likely to continue will add to his all-time total after passing Abdul-Jabbar.

There is no shortage of great scorers in the NBA today, and new ones appear in the league every year. Just look at Orlando Magic rookie Paolo Banchero, who is averaging over 21 points per game in his first season in the league. With so many talented bucket-getters out there, the debate over who might ultimately overtake James will continue to be intriguing for the foreseeable future.

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