Looking ahead to the 2022-23 NBA trade deadline, date, time, potential targets

When is the 2022-23 NBA trade deadline? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

The holiday season is upon us and offers are being made for more than just gifts.

The NBA trade deadline is in our eyes as a number of players are eligible this Thursday. While this past offseason has given us our fair share of blockbuster trades, there will certainly be plenty of interest in the league.

Whether it’s teams trying to clear cap space, firing players who exceed their tanking expectations, or just trying to resolve a potential locker room conflict, expect the unexpected from the creators of the NBA .

Here’s a look at the NBA’s trade deadline.

When is the NBA trade deadline?

The 2023 NBA trade deadline is Thursday, February 9, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. ET.

Why is December 15 important for NBA trades?

December 15, 2022 will mark a special sub-section of the Trade Market when 74 players who signed free agency deals during the off-season will again be eligible to be shopped around.

This group includes Patty Mills, John Wall, Jalen Brunson and James Harden.

When can NBA players be traded again?

Teams that fail to make the playoffs may resume player swapping at the end of their regular season. Playoff teams must wait until they are eliminated from the postseason.

From the end of the season until the next trade close, it’s generally fair game for trade players, with a few notable exceptions.

For example, trading is very limited during the moratorium — typically a week-long pause at the beginning of each salary cap year, during which only a handful of contracts can be traded. These include deals that include an offer sheet, a rookie-scale contract for a first-round draft pick, and a one- or two-season contract that provides only the two-way salary or applicable minimum salary.

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When Can NBA Teams Start Trading in 2023?

For 14 unlucky teams that don’t make the playoffs, they can start swapping players as early as April 10 – after the conclusion of their regular season.

The rest of the league will be eligible to enter the market over the next two months as teams are eliminated from the NBA playoffs.

Who are some players who could be out before the NBA trade deadline?

Russell Westbrook, Los Angeles Lakers

Westbrook is on the home stretch of a five-year, $206 million contract he signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2018. He’s now on his third team since the Thunder began rebuild mode and is struggling to earn minutes with the Lakers.

It’s no secret that Los Angeles have been buying the 34-year-old for some time, and it’s fair to assume he could end up on his fifth team in as many years by the end of the season. However, closing a deal could cost the Lakers a few extra assets.

Myles Turner, Indiana Pacers

Unlike Westbrook, Turner is playing a little too well for the Pacers to keep. The 26-year-old is averaging career-high points (17.5) and rebounds (8.0) along with 2.4 blocks per game on a team that’s supposed to be tanking but sort of eighth in on Dec. 14 the Eastern Conference rating is .

Mike Conley, Utah Jazz

Likewise, Mike Conley just doesn’t quite fit the jazz timeline. Veteran Conley begins with a line-up of young players who are finally gaining momentum after a few years in their careers.

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The Jazz, who acquired many of these young stars through blockbuster trades, including Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell, shocked the NBA from the start by winning 10 of their first 13 games. It seemed like general manager Danny Ainge and head coach Will Hardy were content to capitalize on the momentum – spearheaded by Conley’s leadership – but November’s struggles could make them reconsider things.

Kyrie IrvingBrooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving’s place on the trading bloc would be less about strategy and more about ridding Brooklyn of the roller coaster ride that has been his New York career. Between injuries, a refusal to get vaccinated and most recently a suspension from the team for not refraining from an anti-Semetic social media post, Irving has averaged 34 games a year in his first three seasons with the Nets.

Heading into the regular season in October, Irving said he turned down a four-year extension two seasons earlier and said it felt like an “ultimatum” to get him to agree to a vaccine for COVID-19. Instead, the seven-time NBA All-Star got his $36.5 million player option for the 2022-23 season.

Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls

The Bulls signed LaVine to a five-year, $215 million maximum contract this offseason, signaling he’s a franchise player. But where exactly is the franchise headed?

Chicago is outside of the Eastern Conference play-in picture at 11-15 of the year and has only made one playoff appearance since LaVine arrived in 2017-18. LaVine’s scoring (21.8 PPG), rebounding (4.5 RPG), and assist numbers (4.1 APG) are all his lowest since that first season with the team.

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The Bulls’ front office formed a core of LaVine, DeMar DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic just 17 months ago. It may be too soon to blow it up, but the potential transport for LaVine could be enough to justify starting another rebuild.

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