Loss of credit card perks | ‘Hints from Heloise’ | Lifestyles

Dear Heloise: I have worked for a large credit card company for over 10 years. During that time, I was appalled by the number of perks being removed from credit cards and the high interest rates people were being forced to pay. The excuse used to justify omitting perks is that the card companies claim people just haven’t used these services. Perks like rental car insurance, roadside assistance, airline accident insurance, lost luggage coverage – to name a few – were rarely, if ever, explained to the cardholder. So it is not surprising that no one used these services as they were not aware of it. By not taking advantage of the “perks,” the card companies make higher profits.

Now the question arises, what can we as consumers do in this situation? Here are some tips:

– Find out what “Perks and Benefits” your card offers. Do this by calling or emailing the company.

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