Marvel fans debate which MCU film was the worst waste of potential

Marvel fans love to debate which films they think squandered the potential of their premise — and the comic book storylines they were based on — and which ones they think were great. And a new Reddit thread has served to annoy me once again at the opinions of others. While the thread had some of the typical choices, such as Thor: Dark World and even included Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness As one of the more recent choices, the frequently included answer is one that makes me irrationally angry Black widow.

easy mine favourite the last movies Black widow was a perfect spy flick mixed with the flair of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a way that worked and didn’t serve to provide more questions than answers. We know exactly why the widows weren’t in other aspects of the MCU, and we can see exactly how this movie fits into the MCU as a whole. I still wish we had it sooner, but a lot of people seem to hate using Taskmaster (a better use of the character than the comics, in my humble opinion), and they complain that it’s gotten too Marvel-y, which I do always find an annoying review considering these films are part of a larger universe.

But the thread as a whole has shown us which of the films in the MCU are a bit more divisive than the universally popular ones, and while I have my own very positive feelings about films like Thor: Love and Thunder as well as eternal, I know there are people who don’t like them and will bring them up in threads like this to try and make a point. And a lot of the newer wholes on this list are due to timeliness, I think, because we can’t forget the biggest waste of potential that was ever part of the MCU.

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My choice? Well it always is age of ultron

God I hate this movie. First let me set the scene: I just moved to a big city and didn’t have any Marvel friends yet and didn’t want to go alone, so later that year I watched my best friends visit it with them DVD. I fell asleep three times because I was bored. Finally I stayed up and watched it and watched Natasha Romanoff tell a whole thing about how she sees herself as a “monster” because she can’t have kids and that’s how she relates to Bruce Banner in a relationship, who did. That doesn’t have to happen.

The movie is full of bad dialogue (thanks Joss Whedon) and random new character arcs that make little to no sense, and while the only good thing it gave the world was my girl Wanda Maximoff, it came at the price of that bad Films their introduction. It could have been so much more, and yet we kind of ended up with this movie, which is just…a big ol’ heap of nothing – minus Chris Evans tearing that log in half. That was great.

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