Marvel Studios’ first R-rated movie gets rave reviews from director

One of Marvel Studios’ newest directors just teased what fans can expect in the MCU’s first-ever R-rated movie. dead pool 3.

For the first time in MCU history, Marvel Studios is diving into R-rated content in theaters and on Disney+, taking a distraction from their usual PG-13-rated antics. Along with Marvel zombies in the streaming area, this will mainly be seen from director Shawn Levy onwards dead pool 3preceded by two of the top three grossing R-rated films ever made.

Given Marvel Studios’ history of only releasing projects with a PG-13 rating (none of them have even dropped an F-bomb yet), many worry about this dead pool 3 won’t handle the R rating hard enough to make the character’s MCU debut worthwhile.

Now, director Shawn Levy has taken the opportunity to clear fans’ minds on the matter, and hinted at just how far Marvel Studios intends to go down that road.

Deadpool 3 is hyped for R-rated Marvel content

Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds

dead pool 3 Director Shawn Levy spoke to Collider about how hard he and his team are working on developing the upcoming Threequel, specifically addressing its status as the MCU’s first R-rated film.

Working with screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, Levy celebrated Hugh Jackman’s comeback as Wolverine and noted this in the screenplay “The violence is in your face and hardcore:”

“We write, write, develop and prepare ‘Deadpool’ every day now. It’s such a blast to laugh every day. It’s so delicious to hear and write these scenes and make up these scenes where people just talk bad Violence is in your face and hardcore and it’s very much a Deadpool movie. And it has Logan in it. And it has Wolverine in it. It’s too much fun.

Though Marvel is a long way from directing the film, Levy stressed how fun it is to work on something that is “so full of confidence” in addition to his rating, which makes it very exciting with Deadpool’s uniqueness as a character:

“I’m having so much fun and I haven’t even gotten to the shooting floor yet. […] I have to say developing a Deadpool movie is one of the funnest creative experiences of my life because it didn’t just get an R rating. He’s also so full of confidence, and that makes the writing very, very funny in a way that’s unique to this franchise.”

Levy also looked back on his work The internship, which he cut from an R-rated film to a PG-13 film. That’s what he called it “one of the few regrets” of his directing career and made it clear that he wouldn’t make that mistake again this time:

“One of the few regrets of my career is that I decided to re-edit The Internship from an R to a PG-13. I still regret it because the R-rated version of Vince [Vaughn] and Owen [Wilson] in ‘The Internship’ was much better. And the me of today would not have succumbed like the me of 20, whatever, 12 years ago.”

Levy isn’t holding back any R-rated madness

The Walt Disney Company isn’t typically known for producing R-rated content as one of the more family-friendly studios in the industry, which made it particularly shocking when Deadpool joined the company as part of its deal with Fox. And while fans have had their concerns as to whether the character might be his badass, swearing, violent self he’s displayed in the comics and earlier films, all indications are that no issues of any kind are emerging from Deadpool’s R-rated nature hold

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Since filming hasn’t started yet, it’s unclear exactly what kind of R-rated shenanigans will follow dead pool 3although the first two films had more than their fair share of gore, f-bombs, sex rages and other assorted hilarity.

Hugh Jackman also teased that he will be the same old Wolverine that fans have seen in his previous films, especially as 2017 will see him be more violent and aggressive than ever logan. And while Marvel Studios hasn’t tackled anything quite as adult, it seems so dead pool 3 will only be the beginning of a change in this area.

dead pool 3 hits theaters on November 8, 2024.

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