Meet Harvin Andres Guevara, the NBA prodigy next in line

Dirk, Dražen, Luka, Giannis . . . Harvin Andres Guevara? Meet the 7 footer from Colombia next in line

BRONX, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, Dec. 16, 2022 / — A typical high school junior, he is a once-in-a-generation talent. He is the pride of Cali, Colombia and the future of the NBA. Harvin Andres Guevara is both a product of his time and way ahead of his time.

Dirk, Dražen, Luka, Giannis . . . Harvin? Well, children are supposed to dream. Don’t blame him. But one G-League coach, when asked about Harvin, simply says, “He’s one of the most talented scorers I’ve seen in a while, I can’t wait to see him at the next level.”

In basketball, every great player evokes memories of another. Harvin is 7ft 0 inches tall, has long arms, minimal biceps and a pure punch that people inevitably compare him to Andre Kirilenko. That sounds crazy. It’s not crazy. The filming is remarkable, he has a chance to be very special.” A coach who recruited Kirilenko calls Harvin “the same shooter” but “a much better ball handler” than Kirilenko at that age.

17 years old. That’s not fair. let him be a child But he can’t be. Harvin noted that no matter where he went in New York, the moment he landed in New York City, heads turned. The Monroe Eagles’ season has just begun, but the 7-footer from Colombia is attracting a lot of attention. The last game against Wing’s was a full house, fans had to watch the game standing and others on the floor. The hottest ticket in town had created a fire hazard.

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It’s all too much, too soon, but . . . What if not? What if he’s that rare teenager who knows what he wants and knows he can handle it? Harvin Andres Guevara has an opportunity to be a generational player for reasons beyond his ability or athleticism.
Harvin always had. By the time he was five, he was participating in layup lines when his father was playing professionally in Colombia. After the tip, little Harvin was upset that he wasn’t allowed to play.

He’s quiet around strangers, goofy around friends – and an assassin with a ball in his hands. At a recent workout, he did more threes than he did
missed, but he was still disappointed. He cursed himself repeatedly. His trainer reassured him, but Harvin screamed in disgust, “I shouldn’t be missing!” But the outbursts didn’t throw him off; They helped him refocus. He ended up doing at least 30 straight high school threesomes.

Harvin’s two favorite parts of basketball are goals and lots of goals. He lives to bury threes in the faces of defenders. He says he doesn’t love playing defense, but given his length, athleticism and drive, he’ll no doubt excel at it. His goal this year is to be a better teammate. Enjoy the show. It is going to be great.

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