Melbourne Attorney Names Rick Scott to Lead Complaint

US Sen. Rick Scott could face a primary challenge next year if a Melbourne lawyer conducts early reconnaissance of a run.

Keith Grossa Florida native described as a “very wealthy businessman worth millions” has launched a 501(c)(4) call Advancing Florida. Raised by a single mother, he was both an in-house corporate counsel and a Deputy Prosecutor in the 18th Circuit of Florida.

According to a source, he’s running because Scott has “failed time and time again,” including in his role as chairman of the doomed National Republican Senatorial Committee in the 2022 election. He’s also teasing news stories against Scotts historical legal issues in connection with his tenure as CEO of Columbia/HCA.

Gross could have support from the Senate’s most powerful Republican, Minority Leader Mitch McConnellwho is said to be “very open to another option”. Gross has yet to meet with McConnell, but with Scott continuing to provoke the Kentucky Senator, that possibility is worth keeping an eye on.

Scott for his part is not sweating a challenge. National radio host Hugh Hewitt asked US Senator. Rick Scott Earlier this month if anyone was thinking of going up against him.

“No, no,” assured Scott Hewitt, who floated the specter of a “Rick Scott Primary.”

“Anyone can walk. Everyone has the right to run,” affirmed Scott Hewitt. “But you know, I’ve been traveling. I’m traveling across the state. I’ve shaken hands with at least 600,000 Floridians. I’m traveling across the state. I was in two cities yesterday, three cities. I’ll be in a few cities today. When we’re on break, I travel across the state.”

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“When you do this stuff and did your job and did what you said you would do, I think it’s hard to compete against you as a person,” Scott added.

Scott’s comments came after Hewitt outlined a scenario in which someone “tries to run to the right, teases you, loses by 80 points but makes you spend money.”

Scott’s campaign for the Senate in 2018 was cabled for years ahead of launch, with the then-governor dismissing questions from reporters by saying he was focusing on his then-current position.

He had no serious competition at the 2018 GOP Primary, but he suffered a protest vote after signing a gun control law in the wake of the Parkland tragedy. Scott won the August vote against the series candidate Rocky de la Fuentewhich garnered over 11% support despite not campaigning at all.

However, Scott has already activated his campaign machinery the first ad appeals to a national audience rather than a Sunshine State audience. The seven-figure national buy defended its doomed challenge to party leadership last year.

“We’re on the road to awakening socialism, and Republicans are just a speed bump,” Scott warned in the ad. “We can’t always do the same thing. It’s time Republicans had the courage to speak the truth and stop giving in.”

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